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Aquadance Shower Head 3312 Review 2020

Who hasn’t heard of Aquadance? It’s one of the most prominent manufacturers, having thousands of trusted customers. Now, you may be wondering why I am not one of those thousands till now. Well, the answer is pretty clear. You may not be aware of Aquadance being one of the leading and bestsellers in showerheads, yet. Therefore we decided to write a very brief Aquadance 3312 Shower Head Review. 

But before that, let me give you a brief taste of what the Aquadance High Pressure 6-Setting Shower Head is really like. It comes under the top 10 pick by Aquadance itself, because of the plethora of features it offers at a very reasonable cost. The quality of the materials are t par of US standards and have also met the performance standards set by the US. Make sure to refer this aquadance shower head reviews, before buying this Handheld Shower Head

Aquadance High Pressure 6-Setting Handheld Shower Head for Sale

The Aquadance Shower Head With 6-Setting Chrome Finish is popular for its dual usage. If you have no idea what dual usage is, let me explain that for you. Dual usage in Aquadance Handheld Shower Head means that you can use it both as an overhead shower and as a handheld showerhead. It can serve the purpose of both. It is a 3.5-inch shower head, with the most ergonomic and comfortable grip. Also, you do not have to indulge much in cleaning the Best High Pressure Shower Head because it can be easily rubbed clean with a plain cloth, and no mark or stain will remain on it.

 The best part of cleaning this Best High Pressure shower head with mist setting is that it has jet sprays, that does not let any lime build-up to be formed, or hard water residues to remain on it. The Aquadance 6-Setting Chrome Face Shower Head gives you an advantage over that. You can easily angle the showerhead wherever you want, as per your wish. Now that we have gone through a brief on this showerhead let us dive into a more detailed explanation of its amazing features that is going got leave you baffled. 

Aquadance 3312 High Pressure Shower Head Features

Most of the shower heads have a very specific usage when it comes to usage. This  aquadance shower head flow restrictor either can be used as a handheld, or it can be used as overhead. All the shower heads are fixed and cannot be moved when it is overhead. In case if you met with an accident and you cannot move much. You might skip bathing rather than getting your wounds wet or fracture parts. But what if your shower head was versatile. You will be able to use your shower head as overhead as well as a handheld. The Aquadance High Pressure 6-Setting 3.5″ chrome face handheld shower provides you with this feature. With the help of this feature, it becomes very convenient to bathe in the shower since you can use your super high pressure shower head as per your wish.

Design is one of the major factors which can attract most of the customers, regardless of their functionalities. The showerhead should be attractive enough since all the bathroom these days are quite decorated. Showerhead with elegant design can give a beautiful aesthetic look. It should be pleasant to the user for which it is being used. The experience of the user matters these days. The design should also go with the other sanitary ware fittings of your bathroom. Luckily, the aquadance high pressure 6-setting 3.5″ chrome face handheld shower with hose comes with an elegant design range. You can choose the design as per your wish while you are buying. It is designed to enhance the aesthetic approach of your bathroom as well as the experience of the user.

When you are taking a quick bath, you should make sure that you have cleaned all the parts of the body. Some people have a hard time while bending over, and cannot reach some places while bathing. Those parts never get proper cleaning and hence cause many skin disease and other problems as well. It is not hygienic when you are not cleaning some parts of your body. In such cases, the hose of the shower comes handy. You can use the hose to reach those unreachable parts of the body without taking too much effort. You can easily clean that part and keep your hygiene proper. The Aquadance High Pressure Shower Head comes with a 5 feet long hose with the showerhead. With the help of this hose, you can use it even if you are sitting in the bathtub. It is a healthier way to keep yourself clean smartly without compromising your convenience.

Warranty is one of the major factors which is being observed by many users while buying any product. It can even attract customers towards the product. Since the past years, it has been found that the product with a longer warranty period are more durable. The warranty period can tell you about the faith of the company in that specific product. You can say that the durability of the product is directly proportional to its warranty period. Most of the customers opt for products which has a longer warranty period. But when the customers hear about the warranty period of a lifetime, they trust the product blindly. Similarly, this Aquadance High Pressure 6-Setting 3.5″ Chrome Face Handheld Shower has the warranty period of a lifetime. In this tenure, if the product gets damaged due to any cause, the manufacturer will replace it as per the notice provided. If you want to replace the Aquadance 6-Setting Chrome Face Shower Head, you just have to notify the company and they will take care of the rest.

The Aquadance High Pressure Handheld Shower head comes with a total of 6 settings, which are rain, mist, massage, pause, and so much more. You can enjoy bathing under different shower flow, with just the press of a button. Also, in case you are suffering from a mild backache, you can choose the message option in the showerhead, and the jets will provide you with the optimum pressure to relieve you of your pain. Another feature that attracts customer most is its pause button. While showering, you may wish to stop for a quick shampoo, you can easily press the pause button, shampoo, and then click it back on, for the water to start flowing. The Aquadance 6-Setting Chrome Face Shower Head has surely won a lot of hearts with its amazing 6 setting performance. I liked the mist setting because they feel very cool and light on the skin when you wish for a mild shower.

If you don’t have any prior experience of plumbing, fixing your shower head can become a tough job. Some of the shower heads require different types of tools to fix it. You might have to purchase some of the parts to replace the showerhead in your bathroom. But you do not have to worry about it as the manufacturers provided all the requirements to install it. Such as washer and Teflon tape, so you don’t require any extra accessories.

aquadance 3.5" handheld shower head Specifications

Specification Name Value
Item Model Number
Product Dimension
6 x 3.5 x 10 inches
Product Weight
1.1 pounds
Spiral Style Handheld Showerhead
Flow Rate
2.5 GPM
Water Consumption
2.5 GPM
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Hose Length
5 feet
51 Nozzle Face
Number Of Handles
Chrome Plated Premium ABS, Stainless Steel
Easy, Standard Shower Arm Fit





How to setup Aquadance Shower Head 3312?

Check the steps below to set up an Aquadance Shower Head 3312-

    1. Fix the shower arm onto the wall using the screws. 
    2. Then, turn the Shower Head in clockwise direction by placing it in the shower arm. 
    3. Finally, check for any leakages and adjust the Shower Head accordingly.
Is this Aquadance Shower Head 3312 and fitting plastic, metal, or a combo

Aquadance Shower Head 3312 is fitting plastic

How many washers does the Aquadance 3312 come with?

The Aquadance 3312 come with 3 washers

Will Aquadance Shower Head 3312 sprayer arm fit into a 3/4inch separate holder?

Yes, Aquadance Shower Head 3312 sprayer arm will fit into a 3/4inch separate holder

Can we remove the flow restrictor in the Aquadance Shower Head With 6-Setting Chrome Finish?

Yes, you can easily remove the flow restrictor in the Aquadance Shower Head 6-Setting. Just unscrew the hose of hower head, you will find a round disk under the sprayer, below that you will the flow restrictor. Take it out, and screw the shower back on.

Is the plastic in the Aquadance High Pressure 6-Setting Shower Head BPA free?

Yes, the plastic in the Aquadance Handheld Shower Head is BPA free.

Is the hose of the Aquadance High Pressure Shower Head flexible?

Yes, the hose of the Aquadance Shower Head is flexible.

Bottom Line

The Aquadance High Pressure 6-Setting 3.5″ Chrome Face Handheld Shower has made it to the top 10 list of almost all leading reviewers and so has it for us. When we tested the Aquadance Handheld Shower Head, we found to be very easy to use. Let’s begin with its installation. It was very quick and easy. The manufacturers already provided everything we would need for its aquadance shower head installation. Such as Teflon tape, washers and a user manual that will guide us step by step on how to install it. Trust me, you did not require any tools to be used while installing the Aquadance 3312 High Pressure Shower Head in our bathroom for testing. Next, we moved on to check the pressure and its settings.

The pressure was considerably better than what we have experienced before. Its 6 settings were the one that amazed us the most. You can play with the settings provided in the Best Aquadance Shower Head and also hit the pause button, in case you want to pause the flow of water to rub some soap on you, or shampoo. Another feature that we liked the most in this shower head is how comfortable it is to use. The grip is firm and comfortable. It does not slip out from your hand. Also, you can easily use this Aquadance Shower Head With 6-Setting Chrome Finish as an overhead shower or a handheld showerhead, thanks to the brackets provided with it, and the flexible hose. So this is all about the Aquadance Shower Head 3312 Review, hope this help you choose the best pick of your choice.

Truly deserving the top place, the Aquadance High Pressure Handheld Shower has completely taken us by surprise, in regards of the number of features it provides that too in such a low price. Its chrome finish body gives it a glossy yet easy to clean surface. The 6 settings, makes your bathing experience one of a kind, and its ergonomic design surely makes it one of the Best Aquadance Shower Head we have reviewed so far. Apart from having a hose that is not so durable, the showerhead is worth a try.

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