10 Most-Efficient Handheld Shower Heads which results in softer skin and shinier hair!

10 Most-Efficient Handheld Shower Heads which results in softer skin and shinier hair!

Best Handheld Shower Heads

Hand shower head are the best for sore muscles and body hurts as they can help massage it with the aid of their active spray settings; change the splash mode to the ground-breaking back rub spray setting and position the hand shower over the territory that requires treating. With the extra reach offered by a 6-foot or more hose, the best high-pressure handheld shower head give you more alternatives contrasted with standard fixed shower heads. An adaptable hose connects to the shower head. It allows you to grasp the shower head handle and move the water spray as required. Having the freedom to direct water spray all over your body is great, indeed. Many people have complained that fixed overhead showers do not provide the optimum cleaning as the water pressure might be low, or, the spray pattern is angled weirdly.

With the help of the best hand held shower head, you can use the multiple spray patterns to massage the area other than your scalps such as back or neck. An overhead shower can only so far massage your scalp, that too, not very efficiently. Thus, we have curated and researched some of the best handheld shower heads, that are surely going to bring relief to your back pain. Most of them come with a long hose to support the convenience that you might require while showering. Also, some of them come with various pressure and spray settings. We have highlighted the features that make them the most desirable, along with their pros and cons. Check out our Best Handheld Shower Heads review and pick the perfect one. 

Top 10 Hand Held Shower Head Reviews 2020

Thinking of redoing your bathroom? Or thinking of doing bathroom with smart amenities? A hand held showers heads is a simple product with different options. When one is looking for a handheld shower, we may find it challenging to choose from the selection. The option of getting the handheld shower just matching the décor is not the only criteria; it also needs to fulfill the needs of the user. Modern handheld showerheads not only enhance the look of the bathroom but also give a versatile number of functions. Even if one has a bath, most people prefer the convenience and water saving properties that a shower head has to offer.

AquaDance 3312 High Pressure

AquaDance 3312 High Pressure 6 Setting 3.5-inches Chrome Face Handheld Shower image

AquaDance 3328 High Pressure

AquaDance 3328 7inches Premium High Pressure Luxurious Rain Chrome Finish Showerhead image

Yoo.Mee high pressure handheld

YOO.MEE 8541794531 High Pressure Handheld Chrome Shower Head image

The hand held shower heads by AquaDance high pressure is one of the top 10 picks, which is thoroughly tested by US professionals and experts. The product has 3.5 inches click level dial, which makes it easy to change the settings.

  • Durable

  • Angle-Adjustable Overhead Bracket

  • Tool-Free Installation

  • Ergonomic Grip Handle

 It can be used both as showerheads or handheld shower heads. The handheld showerhead comes with an ergonomic grip handle. The shower head is adjustable to any angle. The handheld shower head has a clean jet for cleaning and helps in preventing lime build up. 





This Amazon Best Seller Aquadance 3328 High Pressure Hand held Shower Head is turning into a leading brand of the hand shower head. Aquadance produces many assortments of restroom items, implying that they are specialists in this field. 

The AquaDance 3328 Handheld Shower Head is one of the more mainstream and exceptionally evaluated things available and is in the lower to mid-go with regards to cost. Individuals out there can be careful about an item with such a low cost as they will, in general, stress over modest materials, yet this is something of an exemption to the standard.

  • Independently Tested

  • Highest US Quality

  • Premium 6 Settings

  • 7 Inch rainfall shower head

  • Easy Cleaning

  • High Power Click Lever Dial

  • Dual Shower Heads

  • Pulsating Massage

  • Patented 3 way water diverter

  • Stainless Steel Hose

  • Brass Connection Nuts

  • Built-in Bracket

This specific shower head with a handheld combo has two separate heads, making a double shower back rub and cascade impact as you shower. One of the key highlights of this item is one of the showerheads can be handheld on the off chance that you wish, so you can wash and flush explicit zones. 

The other is a huge head for a substantial precipitation alternative. The Aquadance additionally enables you to encounter a wide scope of various power and back rub, with other options allowing you to tweak your shower to what suits you best. The best thing about the shower is that it’s ergonomically planned as it has a grasp handle that you can use in numerous positions.





Among several Best Handheld Shower Heads in the market, Yoo.mee High Pressure Handheld Showerhead is well designed for a powerful shower. The water pressure is tremendous enabling relaxation in case of muscle pain. The silicon rubber prevents clogging of minerals and hence cleaning becomes easy and can be done with the help of fingers.

  • Two Extra Hose Gasket

  • Easy for Self-Cleaning

  • Turbo Charging Shower Head

  • Lightweight

The showerhead and bracket are made up of ABS engineering grade plastic material with heat resistant. The hose is made up of stainless steel hence, there are no cracks or split. 





The Hydroluxe Handheld Shower Head 1433 is ideal for individuals with back and neck torments. Both shower heads can be utilized together to stream the back and neck simultaneously as treatment. For homes with various water weights, the showerhead can be acclimated to any of the five methods of warm mist, control rain, massage, rain, or a delay whichever suits your needs. 

Other than giving you a decision of 24 distinctive water stream designs, this shower head with handheld combo sells at a moderate cost. It is anything but difficult to introduce, and is all you require for vital shower encounters. The Hydroluxe Handheld Shower Head 1433 and Rain Shower Combo has a high weight 24 capacity dial and a protected 3-way water diverter. This adaptable unit enables you to utilize it with the handheld component or as a standard shower.

  • Luxurious 5 settings

  • Hand Shower and Overhead Shower

  • 3 Zone Click Lever Dial

  • Rub Clean Jets

  • Power Rain

  • fStay Warm Mist

  • Water Saving

  • Patented 3 way Water Divider

  • Anti-Swivel Lock Nut

  • Stainless Steel Hose

  • Plumber’s Tape

  • Angle Adjustable Overhead Bracket

The whole shower head has an all-chrome complete that is anything but challenging to perfect and tough. The shower head is fabricated utilizing solid and sturdy material for dependability. You will never again have splits or spillages. Then again, you can change by your ideal height. It accompanies establishment equipment. In this manner, this hand shower head will take you just a couple of minutes to finish your venture. 

The company has offered a lifetime guarantee, and you should get it with certainty. The steel hose is much adaptable and makes it perfect for little kids. You ought to have this thing in your washroom and include a rich touch.





This high weight Briout Handheld Shower Head brags a determination of 5 distinctive splash alternatives and comes total with an ergonomic hold handle and edge flexible metal swivel ball section to give the ideal edge. The Briout Handheld Shower Head conveys a contemporary structure and an advanced look that upgrades the general shower appearance. 

Notwithstanding its smooth showcase, this best high-pressure handheld showerhead displays highlights that are related to the best hand held shower heads. Most importantly, Briout shower head is upheld with a 5 feet excessively flexible treated steel shower hose, an edge movable overhead section, hostile to spillage Teflon tape, and 3 Rubber Washers, which are all piece of the ‘shower head bundle.’

  • Easy Installation

  • Multifunction Design

  • Luxurious

  • High Quality ABS plastic

  • TPE Nozzle

  • Non-toxic

  • Elegant Chrome Plated

  • Extensive Use

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Lightweight

  • Durable

  • Comfortable

The Briout Handheld Shower Head adjusts itself to any standard shower arm. It has a too simple establishment; handheld customizable showerhead along with the hose is introduced with no handyman or device. Moreover, the sturdiness, security, and solace are guaranteed by the excellent ABS plastic material, treated steel hose, lustrous and luxurious chrome-covered surface, and self-cleaning therapeutic TPE spouts. Likewise, the Briout hand shower head accompanies free Teflon tape to avert spillages. Thus, we have ranked it on the third place in our list for the best handheld shower head.





The DreamSpa Luxury Rainfall Shower Head 1432 is a combo of two items. One is a hand shower head, and the other is an overhead shower. It is made of high-grade chromed ABS and hardened steel that highlights a chrome wrap up. It gauges 1.8 pounds, and its measurements are 6 x 4 x 9 inches. The shower head has a 7-inch face that guarantees the most extreme water focus and the handheld shower 4-inch face that conveys a stream pace of 2.5 GPM. 

This best handheld shower head gives seven distinctive water stream settings that offer you various decisions relying upon your needs. Also, the shower head accompanies a movable overhead section that enables you to change the point and, consequently, makes it simple to be utilized by various clients with fluctuating statures.

  • Ultra Luxury Rainfall Shower Head

  • Multi-Setting

  • Combo Shower

  • 7 Inch Chrome Face

  • High Power Shower

  • 7 Setting

  • 3 Zone Click Lever

  • Anti-Swivel Lock Angle

  • Overhead Bracket

Moreover, this requires no devices for the establishment and effectively interfaces with any standard shower arm. Furthermore, the thing accompanies a lifetime guarantee, which guarantees that you will get top-esteem for your cash. You can likewise utilize the hand shower with a push-catch control on the off chance that you lean toward not to use the overhead shower. The shower head is anything but difficult to clean. 

The structure and style of the two pieces are particularly not too bad, paying little respect to whether they are plastic. The design is incredible. The shower head’s three limits are agreeable, and the rain head gives you a better than average tilt, particularly on the off chance that you can legitimately position it over your head with a shower arm augmentation.





If you have been looking for an item that works only as a handheld shower and not an overhead shower, then this Waterpik XR0-763 High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head will be the best decision to buy. This Waterpik hand held shower head comes with a total of 7 spray settings that you can change accordingly. 

The most common setting is the rain, other than that, you get a pulse massaging set that, according to the manufacturers, are a revolutionary technology. Now, if you must be wondering why I call it an innovative technology, then let me brief you on that.

  • High Pressure

  • 7 spray settings

  • Power Pulse Massage

  • 2X the power

  • Advanced optiflow Technology

  • 2.5 GPM

  • 5 foot Shower Hose

  • Quick Install

  • High Style

  • High Performance

  • Upgradable

The reason behind it is that according to the company, this hand shower head delivers 2x the total power that you will get from the massage setting of other shower heads. It is a detachable showerhead that comes with a 5 foot long hose. 

Thus, you get enough cord length to move it freely all over your body parts without having to pull and tug and mess with it when it becomes tangled. The best part of this handheld shower head is that you do not need any plumber or serviceman to come and install it, as you can do it all by yourself. It’s that easy!





This Moen Hand Held Shower Head is designed with distinctive patterns and factors which blend with any transitional décor. The magnetic docking system helps to detach the handheld shower and use it efficiently.

  • Spot Resistant

  • Multiple distinct shower settings

  • Magnetic docking system

This showerhead offers six different spray settings. The Moen shower head meets the WaterSense standards hence enables less water wastage. The showerhead complies with the American Disability Act.





The Delta Faucet shower head is backed by powerful streams and enables intense body spray. The showerhead has powerful massaging jets, which help to relieve sore, tiredness in muscles, and full body spray.

  • Massaging Jets

  • Easy to clean

  • Easy to install

  • Intensely Powerful

This showerhead has powerful spray settings, which include full body spray, massaging spray, and soft drenching spray. The showerheads come with easy to clean spray holes, which helps in easy cleaning.





Waterpik showerheads are engineered with optiflow to deliver the powerful shower the users want. The low water pressures can improve water force efficiently and effectively. The handheld showerheads are designed with top quality, stylish product that matches the home décor.

  • Advanced OptiFLOW technology

  • Anti-clog shower nozzles

  • Easy to install

  • Lightweight

Irrespective of the bathroom being traditional or modern Waterpik showerhead pressure can blend with it. The handheld showers assure high performance affordably.





Step 1: Choice of the proper shower head

First, choose the perfect handheld shower head as per your needs. You should know about the needs of the users to decide which handheld shower head to buy. Choosing the best handheld shower head for your usage is one of the important decisions to be made, so take it seriously by considering all the aspects in mind. 

Step 2: Remove the old Handheld Shower head

If there is an old handheld shower head in your bathroom, you should take it out first with the help of tools or by calling a plumber. Remove it gently so that other assembly of the shower should not be disturbed. In many cases, you can take it out manually just by turning the head around slowly. If you have a manual of the shower, you might take the reference from it. Sometimes the shower head is been fixed with the nuts. In that case, by using a wrench, you can lose the old shower and take it out. If you want to use the old shower head to somewhere else, you should probably wrap it in a piece of cloth.

Step 3: Prepare the new shower head

Firstly, keep the note that you should have all the things which might need to fix the new shower head. The tools might are an adjustable wrench, a plumbing tape, hex key as per your needs, a handheld shower head kit, and others. Take the handheld shower head from the packing. If there is a manual, use it for more instructions and critical points. Before attaching the new handheld showerhead, clean the shower for any mineral deposits. Over time, the minerals in the water are settled inside the shower head, which might do blockage in the path of water. Remove it and clean the old pipes properly. After cleaning the pipes and the assembly from inside, attach the new handheld shower head gently. Wrap the plumbing tape around the fringes of the shower head to have a tight grip and avoid any leakage of water. Usually the shower head is kept on the assembly and turn around, which will tighten the fitting. In case, if the showerhead is to be fitted with the nuts, you should attach the nuts in the proper orientation and tighten it with the wrench. Check for any leakage. You are good to use now.

These days the showers are very commonly used for taking a bath. Most of the population who possess a pet at their houses are more likely to use a handheld shower to clean their pets. The handheld shower head plays a vital role while using the shower. This best hand held many people could use shower head as per the wish of the user and how they want to use it. In the regular shower heads many disadvantages cause many troublesome things to the users. That is why the users tend to buy the hand shower head. The handheld comes with varieties of the options and features inbuilt in it. 

Most people complain about the rashes which they receive while taking a bath in the shower because of the irregular flow of water. As people discover the handheld shower heads, they tend to opt for these products. People installed the hand shower heads in there bathrooms by replacing regular shower heads. Another disadvantage of the regular shower head is that it increases hair loss. The person who has the problem of hair fall can opt for these best hand held shower heads. The different modes in the handheld shower head enable you to control the flow of water, which flows through it. 

For pet cleaning and washing, the handheld shower head is the best option. The problem of hair fall is a major one when it comes to pets. While cleaning or washing them, you might observe a significant amount of hair fall. The irregular flow of water makes your pet feel irritated in their skin and causes hair to fall. The handheld shower head helps in preventing the hair fall off your pet. 

There are certain steps that you need to follow to replace the handheld shower head hose successfully. Hold the shower and the joining of a hose. Turn around both the parts and twist the joining of the hose. The shower and the hose will separate out. Due to continuous contact of water to the joining of hose, it may get corroded and might break out so remove the hose gently so that you do not break the joining gage of the shower. Slowly apply the force while trying to open the joining. Keep both the parts aside once it is come out. 

The next step is to detach the hose from the faucet end, just by holding the tube with your hand and twist its end. Unpack the new hose and check that does it fit right to your faucet end. While buying a new hose, always check the length of it. You should be aware of the length of hose which you require. Take the hose with more length, which will be easy to handle while using it.

 Prefer steel hose rather than the plastic hose. Look closely to the end of the hose, and you will find the rubber pieces at the end of the hose. Take the rubber pieces out of the hose ends. While fixing the hose to the faucet end, use some plumbing tape to tighten the fitting. Test the hose by starting water to the pipes. 

Try to use the shower and observe the water flow. If the water flow is regular and comes out with force, the hose is fixed right. Check for any leakage in the hose or the fitting. If you observe any leakage, try to detach all parts and do over all the process from the start.

In today’s world, we are always having multiple options available for basic products. Similarly, there are different types of handheld shower heads available in the market. It is important to understand the factors (features) to be considered along with the type while selecting the handheld shower head. Below are the few factors which need to be taken care while selecting:

Some models of handheld showerheads are designed with the operating controls with the shower panel, while some are designed with the controls located on the handheld showerhead itself. The ones located on the handheld shower are easy to operate and makes the task simple. 

The handheld shower heads are usually equipped with vertical slide bars. However, if the Hand Held Shower Head With Slide Bar is installed correctly, it will help the user to step in and out of the shower area or tub safely. 

Some models of handheld showers include a C shaped handle or a strap that one can slip in through the hand easily without requiring a firm grip during the use. 

Adjustable showerhead models differ both in shape and style. The classic or traditional one comes with a slightly curved head making the direction of the water flow downwards. The modern ones come with a cylindrical or square-shaped head. 

In case of users includes children, then one should opt for heads with light weight. A plastic one will be lighter than usual metal ones. 

Users should opt for the handheld showers with water sense certification. This indicates the handheld shower meets the low flow standards in terms of water. These hand held showers are not only environmental friendly but also helps to save energy and also water bills.

Budget is one of the major key points which a buyer should consider while buying a handheld showerhead. The best handheld shower head should be not much expensive. It should be affordable for all kinds of customers with different budgets. Spending a lot on the handheld shower head is not recommended.  

There are many different types of spray pattern available in various types of handheld shower heads. Choose the spray pattern of the showerhead as per your requirement. But firstly you should be aware of your condition and then opt for the best handheld shower head. There are several shower head with different modes are available. Modes like mist, rain, dual, and many more are available in many kinds of products with different companies. 

It looks good when you have a designer handheld shower head. It increases the aesthetic approach of your bathroom. Many people love to decorate their bathroom with different color combinations are used to give the lighting effects.  

The durability is a crucial point which decides the life of your shower head. More is the durability, and better is the shower head. The durability can be checked by discovering the materials used to manufacture the showerhead. Also, the warranty of the product can tell you about the quality and reliability of the product. Some of the brands and the name of the company are renowned for their quality products. Always use branded shower heads from a good retailer.

The pressure of the water is also a matter of lot when it comes to washing off the dirt from your body. Choose such a handheld showerhead that will not compromise the pressure of the water. It should be neither much high, which will run the water at too much speed, which will cause rashes to your skin nor too slow, which will not be sufficient to wash off the dirt from your body. Try to check the pressure rating on the product first. Always buy a handheld shower head with a moderate rate of pressure.

The length of the hose is another major key point that should be noted while buying the best handheld showerhead. The more the length of the hose is, the better is the efficiency. You can use the shower as per your convenient if the length of the hose is sufficiently long. You are enabling to use the shower freely. In case of pet wash, it comes very handily if you have a long hose to your shower as the pets are intended to move here and there always while cleaning process.


How to install Waterpik Handheld Shower Head?

Install a Waterpik Handheld Shower Head using the instructions below-

    1. Wrap the thread of the tub with a plumber tape.
    2. Fit the hose of the shower and fix the mounting bracket to the wall.
    3. Check the Shower Head for a proper flow of water.
How to adjust Handheld Shower Head?

 Below are the instructions for adjusting a Handheld Shower Head-

    1. Turn off main power, and use the valve to adjust the Handheld Shower Head. 
    2. Turn the Shower Head right or left for temperature or other water flow rate adjustments. 
How to clean Handheld Shower Head?

Cleaning of a Handheld Shower Head is now made easy using the steps below-

    1. Remove the Handheld Shower Head out of the shower arm swiftly. 
    2. Soak the Shower Head in baking soda and vinegar mixture. 
    3. Soak it for 3 hours and flush it with water. 
    4. Replace it back to the shower arm swiftly. 
How to fix a Handheld Shower Head that is leaking?

 Fix your leaky Handheld Shower Head using the steps below-

    1. Turn off the power and remove the entire shower system. 
    2. Check the leakage spot and fix it tightly with a Teflon tape. 
    3. Fix the entire system again and allow water flow to check. 
What is the best Handheld Shower Head?

 The AquaDance 3312 High Pressure is the best quality high pressure Handheld Shower Head.

Are Handheld Shower Heads universal?

Yes, Handheld Shower Heads are universal.

Which Handheld Shower Head has the most pressure?

The AquaDance 3328 High Pressure Handheld Shower Head and Handle is the best quality high pressure Handheld Shower Head.

Can I add a Handheld Shower Head to my existing Shower Head?

Yes, you can add a Handheld Shower Head to your existing Shower Head.

The Top Rated Hand Held Shower Heads can be very convenient for people who are not keen on having restraint while showering. We have listed some of the best magnetic hand held shower heads that are sure to last long. Although all products come with their drawbacks, some of them are still worth the price. You can toy around with them by exploring the various settings that come along with it. 

The best hand held shower head would provide you with at least 5 settings and a 5-foot long hose. Another point to consider is that most of the products enlisted to come in a combo of both overhead and handheld shower head. If you like bathing up to your limits, you can use both the heads, else using one of them will suffice. We have also shared a buying guide that will surely help you in making a good choice as we have explained all the key points that a person should know about while buying the best shower head.

Even though handheld showerheads can be a confusing area when it comes to choosing the best one for your home, the buying guide and the product features will enable you to give one a better insight to shortlist the product. While one may love certain features of a showerhead model, one might not feel the same for other products. One needs to select the right product, which meets the criteria of one’s needs. 

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