Save both water and water costs with these Best-Rated Low Flow Shower Heads 2020

Save both water and water costs with these Best-Rated Low Flow Shower Heads 2020

Best Low Flow Shower Head

Are you a person who is genuinely interested in conserving energy? Save the environment before it’s too late? Then, my dear reader, you are on the right path. Starting off from buying the best low flow handheld shower head is the most profound decision you can make. Any family that resolves to use a low flow shower head can save gallons of water. For example, a normal shower head can produce 8 gallons of water per minute, whereas any best rated low flow shower head will produce only 2 gallons per minute. You can see the difference right here. You are saving almost 6 gallons per minute by using a low flow showerhead. In this way, you are conserving almost 40% of water energy, help protect the environment, and contribute a hand in reducing energy usage.

What is a low flow shower head? A misconception that has been running since time immemorial is that using a low flow showerhead will degrade your experience while showering. Most people think such shower heads reduce the pressure at which water comes out of the nozzle. That’s not true. Once there used to exist low flow showerheads that reduced pressure, but with the advent of technology, and companies coming up with new techs and innovations- ‘Low flow shower heads do not reduce the pressure at all’. With the help of small apertures and air sockets, low flow showerhead will give you the same pressure and experience of showering as a normal shower will do. Now that we have removed your misconceptions, we are going to walk you through some of the Best Rated Low Flow Showerhead that we have researched and found to be genuine and true to their ratings. We have also provided their highlighting features along with the pros and cons of each.

Top 10 Best Low Flow Shower Head Reviews 2020

Low flow shower heads are the one which is water efficient and reduces the overall amount of water usage compared to the older showerheads. As per the Federal guidelines, the flow rate of the showerhead should be less than 2.5 gallons per minute. Most of the low flow showerheads on the market meet this criterion and is water efficient. Low flow shower heads are a smart choice to buy if you are looking for water efficiency. When you are investing your money in purchasing low flow showerhead, you are investing in conserving the natural resources, particularly in water conservation, which is the need of the hour, taking into consideration the water scarcity.

A good quality low flow showerhead can offer you greater water pressure even with a low flow rate. To make your task of selecting the best low flow Shower Head easier for you, we have reviewed the best low flow shower heads available in the market in this article.

YOO.MEE 79 Inch Multi-functional Shower Head

YOO.MEE 8541794531 High Pressure Handheld Chrome Shower Head image

Aisoso 5 Setting Low Flow Rain Shower Head

Aisoso 8541794144 High Pressure Rain Fixed Shower Head image

Swelldom 4 Inch Ultimate Low Flow Shower Head

Swelldom 8541795019 High Pressure 4-inches Anti leak Anti clog 5 Function Chrome Shower Head image

The YOO.MEE 79 Inch Multi-functional Shower Head has a ground-breaking splash to enable you to make the most of your shower. This Best Low Flow Hand held Shower Head incorporates a stream controller and arrives in a lovely brushed nickel wrap up. The low flow shower head has silicone elastic fly spouts for simple cleaning. It has tough metal associations that won’t hole or break under any circumstances. Thus, it is very durable and holds our top place in this rundown. The YOO.MEE has all the nature of a lodging style precipitation shower that you have to supplant the fixed shower head in your home. The patent base structure is awesome, and the aftereffect of water shower is just mind-boggling.

  • Applicable

  • Simple

  • Reliable

  • Powerful Spray Shoot

  • 2XP Turbo Charging

  • Boost Pressure

  • Silicon Rubber Jet Nozzle

  • Durable ABS Engineering

  • Stainless Steel Hose

  • Brass Connection

The various positive feedback given to this shower head is sufficient to go gaga for it. This Best Low Flow Handheld Shower Head includes a 2XP Turbo charging-water preservation rule. It enables you to encounter the best and most dominant water shower pressure against water funnels having low weight. In case you are having strong back pain issues, the high quality water respite effect can help in calming those agonies. 

The multi-work limit enables you to have diverse water alternatives. This bundle accompanies a section, an extravagance hose that associates the head to the water framework and Teflon tape. By and large, the weight is extraordinary, and the hose plaiting means a strong segment. It is basic, dependable and simple to use for anybody because of its lightweight nature and less muddled establishment.





Is it accurate to say that you are searching for a basic, smart, helpful, and solid precipitation shower head? On the off chance that you are, at that point, you ought to consider purchasing the low flow shower head from Aisoso. This showerhead has a high caliber, made of non-lead material, chemical-free, obstruct free, and a non-leaking structure. 

It likewise looks rich and has a contemporary style that makes it look interesting. What makes this unit so mainstream is the way that it has a chromed surface completion that makes it increasingly excellent and stylish. In particular, it doesn’t blur or rust. There are five control settings to browse: rain massage, rain mist, power mist, power rain, and pulsating massage.

  • Built-in Rotor

  • Natural Home Spa

  • Self Cleaning

  • TPE Pinhole Nozzle

  • Easy Installation

  • G ½ Connection

  • 2.5 GPM Flow Restrictor

  • High Quality

  • ABS Plastic

  • Free Teflon Tape

  • Chrome Finish

With a G ½ association interface, this Ultra Low Flow Shower Head introduces effectively to any standard shower arm without apparatuses. It is made of high caliber and strong ABS plastic with a cleaned chrome wrap up. Also, this shower head includes an inherent rotor which structures cadenced water beat for a spa-like shower involvement. It additionally accompanies a removable stream restrictor, which enables spare to water and vitality and Teflon tape to dispense with holes. 

Significantly, you introduce the Ultra Low Flow Shower Head as per the guidelines that have been given in the user manual. In the case of ultra-low water weight or the quest for high water stream, you can evacuate the stream restrictor. You needn’t bother with any devices, yet when fixing with a pipe wrench, ensure that you utilize a bit of material and turn it marginally.





The Swelldom 4 Inch Ultimate Low Flow Shower Head isn’t as huge as the 6-inch ones on other shower heads. Be that as it may, if you need a trustworthy Low Flow Shower Head that seldom obstructs or spills, it is a superior decision for some reason. To begin with, produced using chrome covered steel, it has a strong head that goes on for long. It doesn’t recolor nor rusts effectively and has a proficient framework that holds its weight after some time. 

In mist, rain, or back rub modes, you will appreciate a decent showering knowledge at home. The G 1/2-inch hose connector on the Swelldom fits most standard shower arms. It additionally has self-cleaning spouts, that advantage individuals with hard water at home.

  • High Pressure

  • 4 Inches

  • Powerful

  • Rain Spray

  • Compact

  • 5 Spray Jets

  • Massage

  • 100 % Satisfaction

  • One Minute Installation

  • G ½ Threads

  • Teflon Tape

If you have amazingly low water weight, the plan of this showerhead with its 45 planes enabling you to take full advantage of your supply. The Low Flow Shower Head Flow Rate will be enhanced, and you can appreciate the amazing shower you had always wanted. 

Because of the hardened steel channel, you won’t simply get ground-breaking floods of water. Yet additionally, a nonappearance of limescale or obstructing brought about by unnecessarily hard water. To add to the features, this is an exquisite showerhead that would take a gander at home in an innovator and negligible restroom or an increasingly customary set-up.





Delta shower head provides a greater flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute. The showerhead features H2O kinetic Shower technology with a unique wave pattern and gives a feeling of more water by actually using a lesser amount of water. You can adjust the flow of water using adjustable H2O kinetic spray. It provides three times more coverage than other traditional showerheads. 

The delta showerhead doesn’t require much cleaning and maintenance as the showerheads have self-cleaning spray holes, and hence lime and minerals don’t clog in it. It uses 20% less water, thus saving water and energy.

  • Self-cleaning spray holes

  • 2.50 gallons per minute

  • Unique wave pattern

  • Highly water-efficient

The chrome finish of the showerhead with stunning gloss gives an elegant look to the bathroom. The unit has a lifetime warranty. Delta showerhead is highly water-efficient and cost effective with good performance and is the best low flow high pressure shower head to be used in your home.





Aqua Elegante high pressure shower head has 42 nozzles to provide water at a higher pressure and higher flow rate. The flow limiter can be removed quickly to enhance the flow rate and get spa like showers. The high pressure low flow showerhead is made of durable ABS plastic and has brass fittings making it crack-proof and leak proof. The self-cleaning jet nozzles made of silicone rubber prevents the accumulation of calcium build up and is easy to clean.

  • Easy installation

  • Durable

  • High Pressure Shower

  • Self-cleaning nozzles

The shower head is easy to install, and you do not have to call the plumber. The unit is suitable to be used in home and outdoor RV as well. Aqua Elegante is the best low flow high pressure shower head with greater performance and versatility to be used indoors or outdoors. The high-pressure low flow shower head has a 5 year warranty with a money-back return policy.





This NearMoon 8 Inch Low Flow Rain Showerhead comes in either a roundabout plan or 12-inch square structure to coordinate the points and bends of your washroom. Since it is produced using 100% hardened steel, this Trudy showerhead can withstand rust after a long time of usage. Moreover, NearMoon Ultra Low Flow Shower Head uses food grade silicone material for the spouts to shield against microscopic organisms gathering from horrid and hard water. 

Combined with the ultra-smooth surface, you can find that this item is moderately easy to clean and keep up. This Best Shower Head for Low Water Pressure can help you spare water due to its pneumatic force. So you will have the option just to utilize pragmatic measure of water during your shower.

  • Stylish

  • Nice Design

  • Solid Stainless Steel

  • Rust Resistance

  • Powerful Shower

  • Silicon Nozzle

  • Quick Installation

With an extraordinary 8 inch round structure, the NearMoon 8 Inch Low Flow Rain Shower Head unquestionably satisfies its name – and it’s made itself to be our determination for the best Rated Low Flow Shower Head. But in case you are a person who wishes to shower under a large shower head then you can opt for the NearMoon 12 Inch square shower head, as they are extraordinarily large in size.





Niagara earth massage low flow shower head is incorporated with a patented internal pressure compensator, which can provide steady water flow and output irrespective of the water pressure. These are water saving showerheads that reduce the overall amount of water thus acting as a water saver and energy saver for households.

  • Adjustable 9-jet turbo massage

  • Corrosion-resistant

  • Maintenance free

  • Easy to install

Niagara low flow showerhead uses 75% less water than other traditional low flow showerheads and are the best low flow showerhead available in the market. Coming to flow rate, this Low Flow Shower Head GPM is 1.25. The 9-jet turbo massage of the showerhead can easily rotate from a gentle needle spray to a forceful jet. The low flow showerhead is made of ABS thermoplastic body and is corrosion resistant. Niagara low flow showerhead meets ANSI specifications and has a warranty of ten years.





Wantba high pressure shower head provides consistent water pressure and gives you a feeling of high-pressure rainfall. The 57 jets offer a greater coverage area and higher water pressure. The flow restrictor is easy to remove, and you can experience spa-like showers by removing the flow restrictor. The nozzles can be easily detached from its base for cleaning and easily removing any debris or sediments.

  • Easy installation

  • Smart Design

  • Removable Flow Regulator

  • 2.5 gpm flow control

 The angle of the showerhead can be adjusted with the adjustable metal swivel ball. The high pressure low flow shower head exhibits a maximum flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute and fits standard U.S. plumbing connections. The showerhead is made of high-grade ABS plastic with chrome finishing, which provides durability and an elegant look to your bathroom.





ShowerMaxx is a luxurious spa series handheld shower head with 6 adjustable settings – high pressure, light mist, power massage, high pressure + shampoo spray, high pressure + shower massage, and eco-friendly water saver. The showerhead is made of heat resistant solid ABS material, and the stainless steel hose is extendable to 80 inches. The Showermaxx nozzles are anti-clogging and self-cleaning. The mesh filter ensures clean water flow free of sediments. Teflon tapes are provided for leakage resistance.

  • Easy to remove

  • Heat Resistant

  • Easy to assemble

  • Removable Flow Restrictor

The flow restrictor can be easily removed to increase the water flow. It is the best choice for users who want to make their home bathroom into a luxurious hotel spa. The Showermaxx unit includes Heat Resistant Solid ABS Handheld Unit, Solid ABS Mount, Long Stainless Steel Hose, Removable Flow Restrictor, and fitted Mesh Sand Filter Disk and Teflon tape. This best Handheld Shower Head for Low Water Pressure is durable, and rust-resistant has a lifetime warranty.





High sierra low flow shower head is made of naturally antibacterial solid metal parts with no added chemicals. It has a flow rate of 1.5GPM. This showerhead is more durable and has a good performance. The patented nozzle of the low flow showerhead gives you a feeling of higher flowing showerhead by actually conserving the water.

  • WaterSense Certified

  • Comfort

  • Easy to install

The minerals will not clog in the nozzle. It reduces more than 40% of the amount of water and the energy required to heat the water and is thus energy and water saver. High Sierras is the good choice for low flow high pressure showerhead. It is A112.18.1, and WaterSense certified. The solid metal design with chrome polish finish gives the high Sierra’s low flow showerhead a cool look.





If you are reading this guide, then obviously you are a person who is very keen on saving water and contribute a hand towards maintaining the environmental balance. It’s obvious, and people love to shower under a high pressure creating normal showerheads. But due to that, they may be wasting a large amount of water. To be honest, it’s almost 8 to 10 gallons of water per minute. Therefore, with the rise in water scarcity, some companies have embarked on the journey of creating low flow shower head that provides you the optimum pressure even under a low flow of water. They create apertures and air sockets in the nozzle, which results in a good water pressure. 

A good High Pressure Low Flow Shower Head can provide 2 gallons of water per minute. And if you subtract it from the gallons of a normal shower, you are saving almost 6 to 8 gallons of water per minute; that too, without compromising on the relaxation you feel while showering under a high-pressure standard shower head. Also, most surveys have found that a low flow showerhead can save almost 40 % of total water wasted each day by a human being while showering.

Low Flow Shower Head Regular Shower head
The biggest advantage of the low flow shower head with filter is that it has a controlled water flow, which leads to saving your water at a considerable rate. It uses the water efficiently with the proper water controlled head. Saving water is important these days. These low flow showerhead are specifically designed to utilize the water with proper manner. A regular shower head cannot control the flow of water. Unlike Low flow shower, they don't work efficiently when it comes to use the water efficiently. It just keeps flowing at different rates several times. Relying on the regular shower heads for the proper steady flow of water is not suggested.
The steady flow of the water will clean your body smoothly. It will not cause any rashes with the irregular flow of water. The water coming out of the low flow shower head is smoothening to your body as it flows gently on your body. There is no regularity in the flow of water in the case of regular shower heads. The water will come out at an irregular rate, which will irritate after a long time in shower. After showering in the regular shower head for a long time, you might have rashes on your skin.
The low flow shower head has many setting which comes with the product. You can have a setting like mist, rain, and many more depending on the low flow shower head you opt for. The option of the setting is already installed into the shower head, which we need to adjust manually. It also does not require energy to work. The regular shower heads do not come with any type of setting option inbuilt in it. It will just flow the water with a variable rate. You cannot have the comfort as you can have by buying a low flow shower head. You will have just one regular setting which comes with the product.
Some low flow shower heads come with several different features like massaging mode. This mode will flow the water in such a way that you will have a massage-like experience with the flow without harming your skin. There are no other features involving the regular shower head. It will have a variable flow of water, which will not give you a pleasant experience. Increasing the flow of the water from the shower head will cause damage to your skin as well in the case of the regular shower head.

You have to know the main features to be incorporated in a low flow showerhead for a smart selection of the best low shower head. Be sure not to miss the following features when you purchase the low flow shower head.

Buying a costly low flow shower head is not recommended. The price of the Best Rated Low Flow Shower Head should be reasonable. You should check all the features coming with the shower head and compare it with the price before buying. If these features are meeting your needs, you should buy the shower head for sure. But if the shower head has unnecessary features, which will increase the cost of the product, you should not be buying that one. It is strongly recommended that you should always opt for the Best Shower Head for Low Water Pressure with the reasonable price. 

Before you decide to buy the low water rain shower head, you should always check the warranty period. It is one of the primary key points to look for while buying the top rated Low Flow Shower Head. The more the warranty the product has, the better is the product. You can also research on the internet about the guarantees provided by the different vendors. Having a long warranty period also indicates that the low flow showerhead is been manufactured with specialized parts. It also shows that the lifetime of the low flow showerhead is long enough to satisfy your needs. 

There are several types of low flow showerhead available in the market. The feature of several spray patterns allows you to change the pattern of the water flow from the showerhead onto your body. It is better to have a option to the user to control the flow and pattern of the water coming out of the low flow shower head. You should identify your need and accordingly, you should buy the shower head. Various spray patterns like rain, mist, massage, power rain and many more are also available. You can go through the specification of the product before buying and make sure your required spray pattern and setting are available in the low flow showerhead or not. 

It is not what it seems to be, by all accounts, to be now and again. The quality of Assembly parts is precarious considering a modest plastic low water rain shower head shrouded in chrome can look equivalent to one that expenses over a hundred bucks. Rather than entering in on the outside, focus on what is under the chrome. 

ABS plastic is the thing that you will discover in most low to mid-go showerheads, and it’s prominent, which is as it should be. Notwithstanding whether you purchase a handheld or divider mounted head, silicone spouts are broadly viewed as the most straightforward to manage while metal ones may need to splash. 

According to the Federal guidelines, the flow rate of the showerheads cannot exceed more than 2.5 gallons per minute. Most of the showerheads in the market offer the flow rate well below this parameter. The water consumption depends on the flow rate. If the flow rate is higher, then greater is water consumption. So if you are looking for a water saver showerhead, choose the one with a lower flow rate and has good water pressure.

The shower head can be wall-mounted or handheld. If you want more flexibility to move the shower head all around, then a handheld showerhead is the best choice for you. If you are looking for a traditional mountable showerhead you can opt for wall-mountable showerhead.

Most of the showerhead provides a diverse range of settings to provide you a better experience. The common settings are massage, mist, full intense, etc. If you want a different experience, choose the showerhead with more functional settings.

The showerhead has to be durable, with energy and water-saving feature, and provide better water pressure and so make sure the cost of the shower head meets this performance criterion.

Step 1: Remove Shower head

Examine the shower head properly. Look at the fitting of the shower head. Observe the fitting and conclude a strategy. If it is attached with the screws, lose the screws properly. And if the shower head is directly fixed to the pipe, using a wrench, gently remove the shower head from the pipe, which is joint to it. 

Step 2: Remove shower skin

In many products, the shower head comes with the skin on the top of it as an extra filtering unit. If there are any such skins or filters, take it out gently without damaging it. It will be helpful and easy if you dry the shower head at first to avoid slipping during this process.

Step 3: Remove casing and casket

Many shower heads come with the housing with the rounding casket. Gently turn around the casket and separate the casket from casing. Keep the casket properly and observe the fitting inside the casing.

Step 4: Remove the low flow water restrictor

If you observe the fitting properly, you will find a round cylindrical unit with a plastic disc on top and bottom. Remove it properly. Assemble all other parts and join it back to the pipe. You will be good to use the shower back.

The 3 Inch, High-Pressure Shower Head by Aqua Elegante, is the top-rated and best-selling low flow shower head with Amazon rating of 4.7/5. It can be easily wall-mounted and provides the best pressure boosting to provide good water pressure. The low flow showerhead is suitable for home and outdoor RVs. 

The product is durable and doesn’t crack or leak and has 42 nozzles to provide incredibly high pressure. The showerhead is easy to install, and since the nozzles are self-cleaning requires only less maintenance and has 5-year warranty. All these prominent features make the aqua elegant low flow shower head the best low flow shower head.


What is a Low Flow Shower Head?

The Low Flow Shower Head actually reduces the amount of water flow, to save the water usage in your home.

How much water does a Low Flow Shower Head save?

A Low Flow Shower Head saves up to 50% of water with a flow rate of 1.25gpm.

What is the water pressure for a Low Flow Shower Head?

1.6 gpm to 2.5 gpm at 80 psi is the water pressure for a Low Flow Shower Head.

How to fix Low Flow Shower Head?

 Fix your Low Flow Shower Head by going through the steps below-

    1. Remove the water restrictor if required. 
    2. Check for any leakages or any kinks. 
    3. Also, clean the Shower Head regularly.
Are all Shower Heads Low Flow?

 No, all Shower Heads are not Low Flow.

How much do Low Flow Shower Heads cost?

Low Flow Shower Heads cost up to $8.19 to $59.97.

How do you install a Low Flow Shower Head?

Follow the steps below to install a Low Flow Shower Head-

    1. Do the plumbing and fix the shower arm. 
    2. Turn the Shower Head clockwise into the shower arm. 
    3. Check for good flow and adjust it accordingly. 
Can I pause the waterflow in Low Flow Shower Head?

Yes, you can pause the waterflow in the Low Flow Shower Head.

Living in a country that is facing huge scarcity of water, needs people that contribute towards saving it. You can help by using a low flow shower head that saves almost 40 % of the water that a person would use while showering under a standard shower head. In this article, we have shared the best rated low flow shower heads that have received massive positive reviews from the customers. We have listed them along with the outstanding features that make them one of a kind in our list. We have researched and tested all of the products to come to the concluding pros and cons of each. Some are worth the money, whereas some are worth the feature. Our buying guide will walk you through the need towards buying a low flow shower head, as well as the features that you should keep in mind while buying it.

The low flow shower head is a solution to tackle the energy and water crisis as it is a good water saver and cuts the energy requirement costs. In order to obtain maximum water efficiency, install a low flow shower head in your bathroom with a flow rate of fewer than 2.5 gallons per minute. Replace the older showerheads, which uses an enormous amount of water with the low flow shower head with various features for a better shower experience.

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