Delta H2Okinetic int2ition vs Moen 26100EPSRN Engage Magnetix Showerhead Comparison

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Have you ever felt that showering can be a beautiful experience too? You may not have time for a bubble bath every day, but you do have time for a relaxing shower. You can never realize the full potential of a shower until a shower filter like Delta int2ition or Moen Magnetix compliments it. But which among these is the best choice? Find out by reading our comparative review about Delta in2ition vs Moen Magnetix showerheads.

Delta in2ition Vs Moen Magnetix Shower Head

Delta 58480SS PK Faucet 5 Spray H2Okinetic In2ition 2-in-1 Dual Hand Held Stainless Shower Head imageMoen 26100EP Engage Magnetix 3.5-Inch Six Function Handheld Chrome Showerhead image
Basics of ComparisonDELTA 5-Spray H2Okinetic In2ition 2-in-1 Dual Hand Held Shower HeadMoen 26100EP Engage Magnetix Handheld Showerhead
Dimensions11.56 X 6.88 X 6.88 Inches5.31 X 3.75 X 9.5 Inches
Weight3.94 Pounds10.9 Ounces
Size‎3.5 Inch3.5 Inch
Flow Rate1.75 gallons per minute1.75 gallons per minute
Model Number‎58480-PK26100EP
MaterialABS – PlasticMetal
Setting Type5 SettingsMassage – 6 Functions
Hose Length69 inches59 inches
Pressure80 psi
Finish TypeChromeChrome
WarrantyLife-time limited warrantyLife-time limited warranty
Check PriceCheck Price

DELTA H2Okinetic In2ition and Moen 26100EP Engage Magnetix Hand Shower – Differences


Moen Magnetix is a handheld showerhead; it comes in two looks: chrome and spot resist brushed nickel. Both looks are versatile and go well with any décor. The chrome finish is reflective and has a mirror-like finish. The spot resists brushed nickel model resists fingerprints for a clean appearance. Delta int2ition H2O kinetic shower head is also a 2-in1 type with both functions of both showerhead and hand shower. It is available in chrome finish and gives a modern vibe to your bathroom. Moen Magnetix shower head is made of metal while Delta ignition’s material is specified as ABS plastic.


When it comes to efficiency Delta int2ition H2O kinetic scores over Moen Magnetix showerhead. The pressure provided and coverage is much better with the Delta shower heads. H2O kinetic has enhanced performance, the velocity of spray, and temperature maintenance. Both Moen Magnetix and Delta int2ition H2O kinetic are certified in the area of water conservation. They are designed to reduce the usage of water. Delta has WaterSense certification whereas Moen Magnetix has eco-performance technology.

Coverage/ Flow Rate

Delta H2o kinetic in2ition power drench spray provides 3 times more coverage than a regular shower head. This is achieved by creating a distinct wave pattern and larger water droplets coming out with more intensity. The flow rate of Delta H2o kinetic in2ition is 1.75 gallons per minute. Moen Magnetix showerhead has the same flow rate as Delta in2ition but coverage of this 3.5-inch model is lower.

Ease of Cleaning

You can install both showerheads in a matter of minutes. Consider it your little DIY project. Note that you will need standard plumber’s tape. Once you remove the existing showerhead, you have to wipe the area dry, apply Teflon tape, attach diverter and then install a hose extender to finish off the process. This method can be followed for both Delta int2ition and Moen Magnetix showerheads, but it may be slightly more challenging for Delta int2ition shower heads because it contains more components.

Versatility and Flexibility

Moen shower heads Magnetix is equipped with 6 distinct shower functions; you can choose customizations from massage to force-full full-rinse with the push of a button. It also provides a kink-free flexible metal hose. Both showerheads have a powerful magnetic dock to secure them in their place. Delta H2Okinetic int2ition showerhead has 5-spray modes: drench spray, full-body spray, massaging spray, full-body spray with massage, and pause. These functions can be accessed with a simple flip of the diverter lever. It is also a 2-in-1 dual model, meaning that you can use it as a hand showerhead.


Delta int2ition handheld showerhead has a lifetime limited warranty on faucet and finish. You do not have to worry about the device turning out to be defective at any point, the company will replace it free of charge including the postage fee. The same goes with the Moen Magnetix shower head, it also has a lifetime limited warranty and is built to last a long while. A lifetime limited warranty means that the warranty is against manufacturer defects such as defects in materials or workmanship. You cannot claim the warranty for normal wear and tear.


These Handheld shower filters are instrumental in elevating the mood of the bathroom and re-energize yourself at the start of a day. With a countless variety of showerheads in the market, one would surely feel the need to pick the best one. You may have understood the features of both Delta int2ition and Moen Magnetix showerhead. We were also able to help you compare their functions and evaluate their performance based on that. Now, we pronounce you ready to make the best choice!

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