Dreamspa Ultra-Luxury Shower Head – The Ultimate Luxurious Inclusion in your Bathroom!

Dreamspa Ultra-Luxury Shower Head Review 2023

The primary difference between any traditional and luxurious showerhead is that the latter uses rain shower techniques to provide an ultra-luxurious bathing experience each time. Maybe decades ago, luxurious showerheads are priced at its highest and can only be seen in star hotels. In these rain stream showerheads, the water flow calms and relaxes the mind along with cleaning the body as well. Previously only single shower head is what we found in the market, but with constant innovation and development in the designing field, ultra-luxurious showerheads, especially those dual headed ones, are started being used on an extensive rate.

DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury 9″ Rainfall Shower Head Info

These 2-in-1 showering units are not only making the bathing experience super fun and wholesome with a high flow of water, but these are designed in such a way that it can show the same efficient performance even on low and restricted water flow as well.

Like any other fixtures, dual showering heads have their benefits, as well. From best showering experience easy and hassle-free to use, the list of benefits can go pretty long when we are talking about dual showering heads. Here you gonna know all about with Dreamspa Ultra-Luxury Shower Head Review. Like any other showerhead, this Dreamspa Shower Head having some unique and exciting features. Yes, it which makes it different and helps Dreamspa 9-Inch Rainfall Shower Head to stand out in the crowd, here almost every bathroom fixture manufacturer developing different showerhead models now and then. Unlike many other rain showerheads, in case of Dream Spa one, whereas the large wall-mounted showerhead is only responsible for providing rainfall, the handheld one is comprising of all the exciting shower setting modes and flow combinations. Now let us check out the complete Dreamspa Ultra-Luxury Shower Head Review along with features, pros and cons.


  • Dual and equally efficient showerheads
  • Handheld showerhead with an easy control flow button
  • Extra-large wall mount shower head.
  • Three different shower flow settings.
  • 2-way water diverter
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Restricted flow rate for decreasing water wastage
  • Smart and sleek design.

1. Dual and equally efficient showerheads

why go for one single showerhead, when you can take advantage of two at the same price point? The first and foremost feature one can notice about any dual showerheads is the convenience it provides to its user. Double showerheads mean extra skin coverage, which leads to a much more fulfilled bath each time, that too in less time and less water flow as well. Like any other dual showerhead models, this Dreamspa Ultra-Luxury 9″ Rainfall Shower Head is comprised of one square-shaped wall mounted shower fixture and a separate rain shower head.

2. Handheld showerhead with easy control flow button

the primary advantage of any telephone showerhead the convenience they provide to their users. One of the most unique and up to date features this Dreamspa Ultra Luxury Shower Head is comprised of is easy to use, push-style flow control button, which enables the user to toggle between different shower flow patterns while bathing. As the button is located just under the shower face, one can operate it with a single hand only.

3. Extra-large wall mounted shower head

Many people may of us complained about the wall-mounted ones have no flow control feature. However, Dreamspa Handheld Shower Head, is capable enough of providing an extremely comfortable and fulfilling bath every time with its rainfall like water dispersion. The micronozzles in this best rainfall shower head is designed in such a way that they incorporate the maximum amount of air in the water flow, which is the main reason behind the rainfall like water flowing.

4. Three different shower flow settings

This DreamSpa Rainfall showerhead, the handheld fixture is comprising of all different shower settings and flow control models. Though this Best Rain Shower Head is not consisting of plenty of modes and settings, the in-built high-power rain, aeration massage, and the luxurious waterfall mode is the perfect way to start your day with an energetic shower. Toggling between all these three modes are equally easy, as you only need a push of a button only.

5. 2-way water diverter

comprises of 2-way water diverters, using the heads separately or in combination becomes way easier with this particular DreamSpa Rainfall Showerhead. The wall mounted showerhead consists of an angle adjusted bracket that enables you to change the redirect the angle of the showerhead, as per their preference.

6. Easy to maintain

with age-old traditional designs, cleaning and maintaining the showerheads in its optimal condition was tricky and full of hassles. But with modern designs and constant innovations, developers have come with specialized shower modes, which helps in the degeneration of existing limescale deposition in and around the nozzles. In this particular DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury Rainfall combo, there is a special mode named rub clean jets, which does all the interior cleaning processes, including dilution of limescale and their disposal.

7. Restricted flow rate for decreasing water wastage

like most of the great quality showerhead, this particular one from the house of DreamSpa is also consisted of a very minimal flow rate but does not affect the showerhead quality to any extent. With an average flow rate of 2.5 GPM, the updated air circulation feature ensures wholesome water flow for an ultra-luxurious bathing experience every time.

8. Smart and sleek design

the last but not the least feature we are going to discuss this particular rainfall showerhead from the house of DreamSpa is the smart and contemporary design it possesses. With a square-shaped wall-mounted showerhead and oval-shaped handheld one, the silver chrome polish looks pretty cool and suits almost all types of bathroom decor as well.



  • Manufacturer : Dreamspa
  • Model Number : 1684
  • Product Dimension : 9 X 6 X 3.5 Inches
  • Product Weight : 1.8 Pounds
  • Water Flow Rate : 2.5 Gpm
  • Exterior Finish : Silver Chrome
  • Hose Type : Flexible Stainless-steel Hose
  • Hose Length : 5 Feet
  • Type : Dual Showerhead With Both Walls Mounted And Handheld Fixture
  • Warranty : Limited Lifetime Warranty In The Usa



The flow regulator on the Dreamspa Ultra-Luxury Shower Head is on the neck of the Shower Head.


The diverter is located in Dreamspa Ultra-Luxury Shower Head in the top nozzle on the left hand side.


The Dreamspa Ultra-Luxury Shower Heads’ head is made of chromed plastic and the nuts attaching all the joints are made of stainless steel.


As it can be easily understood that there are thousands of different reasons out there, which can convince anybody to hot for this particular DreamSpa rainfall showerhead. The DreamSpa ultra-luxury showerhead is comprised of a 9” wall mounted showerhead along with a 4.75” wide handheld Telephone Showerhead, which can be used either separately or in combination action as per the requirement of the user only. They not only leave up to all the predetermined and traditional showerhead standards, but they are also extremely easy to use and can be installed within seconds as well. Other than great features and technologies are being used to make the showerhead much more reliable and convenient to use on a daily basis, the built is also strong and durable and meant to last. With an attractive price tag around $40, this Dual Shower Head Ultra – Luxury Combo Shower System Chrome is a genuinely versatile and multifunctional one and worth every single penny spent on them.


This Dreamspa Ultra Luxury Shower Head consists of an efficient 2-way water diverter, which helps in easy toggling between both the showerheads. The handheld showerhead for this specific fixture system is comprised of an easy access push-button for controlling shower flow, which enables the user to toggle between three existing flow patterns as per their need. The 5 feet long flexible stainless-steel hose is also acting as an added advantage and increases the convenience level of the showerhead to many folds. With only 2.5 GPM of average water flow, the efficient shower faces enable even coverage over the body and ensure maximum water efficiency as well.


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