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Hotelspa 30-Setting Spiralflo Shower Head Review 2020

Who doesn’t like to indulge in a comfortable and relaxing bath after a busy and hectic day? A good shower under a continuous flow of water is the least solution one can avail to release a little bit of stress accumulated in the body after every day. A good relaxing bath is considered the best way to end a busy workday and also providing you an active and energetic approach to start the new day. But with today’s water scarcity, limitation of the water usage per household and other environmental concerns, taking a good shower now and then becomes a distant dream. Now let know more about this one with our detailed Hotelspa 30-Setting Spiralflo Shower Head Review.

HotelSpa 30-Setting SpiralFlo 3-Way Showerhead Details

In order to cope with current situation and to provide the population with a healthy and fulfilling shower each day, different shower manufacturer comes with innovative designs and technologies, which are meant to provide the best shower experience but without any relevant water wastage. These modern showerheads are also known for providing a customizable shower experience as well to the user with a water flow rate as low as 2.5 GPM.
For a customizable shower experience every time, there is nothing better than double shower heads, which can double the bathing experience with its convenience, ease of usage, and loads of different other features. Here we are going to discuss in this Hotelspa 30-Setting Spiralflo Shower Head Review provides you all the info you need to know before purchase. The primary advantages of this Hotelspa Dual Head Shower System is it can be customized according to the needs and requirements of the user only. With unique spray patterns and so many different features, these smart and modern age dual power showerheads are an excellent addition to your bathroom by all means.


Hotel spa High pressure luxury shower head comprises both wall mounted fixtures and a handheld one. As it gives a customizable and extremely comforting bath every time. In this Aquastorm shower installation, the wall mounted one and the handheld one has a 6” and 4” diameter respectively and can act in combination if the user required. The Angle adjustable contemporary design also provides a feeling of a rain shower as well. the ergonomically grip handle in the handheld showerhead also makes it easier to hold for a longer time and take the fun of the bath altogether.

This Hotelspa 30-Setting Spiralflo 3-Way Shower Head gives the luxury to choose from 30 full or combined water flow patterns, to get a unique and one time experience while bathing after a tiring day of work. Other than different flow combinations, this Best Water Saving Shower Head is also comprising of 6 different shower settings. Some of them include power rain, hydrating mist, pulsating massage, rain, and massage function, water-saving economy rain, and last but not the least, Rain or Mist function.

the handheld showerhead in Best Handheld Showerhead system is also equipped with a long 5 feet flexible hose made with stainless steel, which makes it even easier to use the showerhead. The stainless steel does not tangle and snag, and that does not only make it easy to clean the exterior but also adds up to the convenience quotient as well.

in today’s time, saving water is one of the biggest concerns of all time. In previous years, showers are considered as one of the biggest medium of water wastage. But with constant innovation, the Aquastorm hotel spa dual shower head has comprised of the average flow rate of 2.5 GPM and which is enough for providing a fulfilling shower experience by all means. Apart from nominal flow rate, the nozzle system in this showerhead distributed the water in such a way that it seems like an original rain shower experience each time. Significant water loss is also very low in this particular Dual Shower Head With Handheld as well.

the efficiency and great performance of any showerhead depend on the types of nozzles it is comprised of. In the case of this Aquastorm By Hotelspa 30-Setting Shower Head, the nozzle system is consisting of micronozzles which are way more efficient than those traditional ones, as it uses very less amount of water to create a fulfilling showering experience.

along with the micro nozzles, the unique spray pattern of this Aquastorm By Hotelspa Handheld Shower Head is also responsible for its efficient performance. In the case of this specific dual showerhead from Aquastorm, the individual and state-of-the-art SpiralFlo water spray system ensure optimal water pressure and efficient flow performance even underwater flow restrictions as well.

comes with an extremely easy and hassle-free installation, which does not require any tools as such or even any expert intervention whatsoever.

now as showerheads are tends to build limescale and water residual mark around themselves, frequent cleaning is what they need. Now coming to the exterior part of the showerhead, they can be efficiently cleaning with mild detergent solutions or homemade vinegar and water solutions to get rid of all those grime and residues. Now cleaning the nozzles are the trickiest part. But not in case of this Aquastorm dual shower head. This Hotelspa 30-Setting Spiralflo 3-Way Shower Head one is comprising of a specialized Rub-clean jet, which automatically cleans the micro nozzles to make it free from any gradual lime build up.

Hotelspa 30-Setting HIGH PRESSURE Shower Head Specifications

Specification Name Value
Model No
Product Dimension
6 X 4 X 9 Inches
Product Weight
1.5 Pounds
Dual Showerhead With Both Walls Mounted And Handheld Fixture
Water Flow Rate
2.5 Gpm
Exterior Finish
Silver Chrome
Hose Type
Flexible Stainless-steel Hose
Hose Length
5 feet
Lifetime Warranty In The Usa





How to remove flow restrictor from HotelSpa 30-Setting SpiralFlo Shower Head?

Follow the steps below to remove flow restrictor from HotelSpa 30-Setting SpiralFlo Shower Head-

    1. First, unscrew the Shower Head in a counter clockwise direction. 
    2. Pull or remove the flow restrictor out of the Shower Head. 
    3. Put back the Shower Head to the shower arm swiftly. 
What is the pressure on this HotelSpa 30-Setting SpiralFlo Shower Head?

The pressure on this HotelSpa 30-Setting SpiralFlo Shower Head is 2.5gpm

Is this HotelSpa 30-Setting SpiralFlo Shower Head adjustable?

Yes, the HotelSpa 30-Setting SpiralFlo Shower Head is adjustable

Is HotelSpa 30-Setting Shower Head metal or plastic? Is it durable?

The HotelSpa 30-Setting Shower Head is plastic. And, yes, it is durable

What is the circumference of the HotelSpa 30-Setting sucket?

 The circumference of the HotelSpa 30-Setting sucket is 0.5 inch

Bottom Line

So this is all about Hotelspa 30-Setting Spiralflo Shower Head Review. The Hotel spa 30 settings dual head high pressure shower head from the house of Aquastorm is a luxury showerhead, which is meant to provide the best possible showering experience each time, even on an average water flow rate of 2.5 GPM.Through the dual showerheads may seem pretty elaborate and out there, these are way more efficient in terms of both than any other traditional shower fixture systems. With a whole lot of benefits, the Aquastorm by Hotel spa 30-setting showerheads are meant to provide a wholesome shower experience even on limited water supply, which makes it more desirable. Now, if you want to renovate your bathroom or upgrade your shower system, it is always recommended to go for a dual showerhead, especially for this Aquastorm by Hotel spa dual shower one. With a price range around $30 and with so many benefits, this showerhead is something to drool for.

All thanks to its unique SpiralFlo spray pattern and advanced micronozzles, this particular Aquastorm By Hotelspa 30-Setting Shower Head is not only efficient but also decreases unnecessary water wastage as well. With six different shower settings, and 30-separate full or combination flow pattern, the showerhead allows the user to choose between either to use the wall-mounted fixture and the handheld one separately or in combined action. The 5 feet long flexible stainless-steel hose is also adding up to the convenience level and makes it much easier and hassle-free to use. Along with so many different advantages, it has to be mentioned that installing this particular showerhead is as easy as using it. All the necessary parts and accessories like tape, hose, and brackets are included with the packaging, so any technician’s intervention is not required as well.

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