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Lumospa SH01 Rainfall Shower Head Review 2020

Does your showerhead is manufactured with cheap plastic? Do your showerheads nozzles keep dripping and clogging? Does your showerhead leak? Does it provide weak pressure? Don’t misuse your money by purchasing less quality showerhead when you get a Lumospa 8 inch chrome shower head for the equal amount, which is constructed with high-quality solid metal. Lumospa Rainfall Shower Head is set to have good pressure in the areas with low pressure. It has supple silicone nozzles that help in preventing limescale deposits from sticking and averts the holes from getting dropped and blocked. This Lumospa SH01 has become the best rain shower heads on the market. Yes now check out the special features along with Lumospa SH01 Rainfall Shower Head Review in the following section.

LumoSpa SH01 Rainfall 8 Inch Shower Head Info

Lumospa waterfall shower head has an incredible 8-inch stainless steel head, more than sufficient enough to give you the feel like “sitting in the rain.” This device is completely packed and welded for a flawless seal; for full water-tight set-up, this device is given with sealing roll tape, so you don’t need to worry about deluging your bathroom. The Lumospa rainfall showerhead never rusts as it is made of high-grade stainless steel with concrete plated chrome finishing. It is virtually unbreakable because of its solid steel construction. This Best Rain Shower Head angle is adjustable and fitting this is flexible as it can be fixed on the wall, mounted on the ceiling, or you can fix it over your bathtub, its angle is even adjustable.

Features and Details of Lumospa 8 Inch Chrome Shower Head

Lumospa water softener shower head is a powerful rain shower availble in the market. It is laser welded to make sure that the showerhead always remains water-tight, set to have an excellent possible pressure even if your house sometimes has lower water pressure. Its robust metal design is durable enough for installing it outdoors, in the garden beside the pool. The showerhead diameter is an incredible 8” which is more than enough to cover complete area and give comfortable feeling while showering.

the 8-inch showerhead is made with 100% solid heavy-duty stainless steel that will last for lifelong. These Lumospa Rainfall Shower Head nozzles are of silicone jets that are flexible and help to prevent any limescale deposits. There is no formation of rust because of high-grade stainless steel and solid chrome finishing. It is highly durable and virtually unbreakable with its solid construction. The showerhead angle is adjustable for kids, women, or men to have a relaxing shower.

 Installing this Best High Pressure Shower Head is easy, and within no time, it can be installed. Set it either on the wall or overhead; fix the regular attachment by screwing-up it to the water pipeline over your shower stand or the bathtub. It is given with simple instruction manual and tape roll to close the joints, so don’t worry about leakages.

it is not necessary to clean showerhead with some other nozzles, and you can change the head’s angle depending on your convenience and preference. It is ideal for the modern bathroom and requires no maintenance. Silicone nozzles which are flexible stops the limescale deposits from sticking. It helps in preventing the holes from getting dropped or blocked because of this it is still easy to maintain this Best Rain Shower Head.

Specifications of Lumospa 8 Inch Rain Shower Head

Specification Name Value
Manufacturer name
Product name
Item weight
1 pound
Product dimensions
7.9 * 7.9 * 2 inches
Model number
8 inch
Stainless steel
Installation technique
Residential/ commercial
Assembled diameter
8 inches
Batteries included
Batteries required
Shipping weight
1 pound
Limited lifetime warranty
Release date
October 31, 2017





Can LumoSpa SH01 Rainfall Shower Head be used with outdoor tankless heaters?

 Yes, the LumoSpa SH01 Rainfall Shower Head can be used with outdoor tankless heaters

Does LumoSpa SH01 Rainfall Shower Head have a Handheld attachment?

 No, the LumoSpa SH01 Rainfall Shower Head does not have a Handheld attachment

Can this LumoSpa SH01 Rainfall Shower Head be used for outdoor purposes?

Yes, it can even be used out of the home.

Does this LumoSpa SH01 Rainfall Shower Head have a detachable flow restrictor?

Yes and you can remove it easily if required.

Can LumoSpa SH01 Rainfall Shower Head be fixed to the shower-arm?

Yes, it fits a general ½ inch shower arm.

Bottom Line

Lumospa 8 inch chrome shower head is the best high-pressure head built with high-quality 100% solid stainless steel, so it is highly durable. The 8” diameter head is sufficient enough for complete coverage and gives a feel of sitting in the rain. This showerhead is optimized to deliver excellent water pressure even in areas with pressure. Overall, it is suggested if you want to enjoy and have an awesome shower feeling as it does not have leakage problems, no rusting, and unbreakable solid steel construction. So this is all about the Lumospa SH01 Rainfall Shower Head Review, make sure to refer this before purchase.

Lumospa 8 inch Sh01 waterfall chrome shower head- 100% stainless steel construction- no rusting- no weak pressure- no dripping and clogging- no leakage- 100% lifetime- virtually unbreakable- easy installation- includes tape roll for closing the joints- easy to install- head angle adjustable- durable- flexible- 8” wide designer sufficient enough for long coverage.

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