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Mesun 12 Inches Square Rain Showerhead Review 2020

Having a shower is probably the best part of the day. You won’t feel the same relief after having a normal bath as you do after taking a relaxing shower. There is something about taking a shower that instantly gets sus relaxed, especially after a hectic day. Imagine not having that or having a showerhead, which doesn’t let you experience that. Any great shower head with a great water pressure output will let you do that, but there is nothing like a rain shower head. The experience is altogether different, which is why they have recently become trendy.

Mesun 12 Inch High Pressure Showerhead Details

Any luxurious bathroom will have a rain shower in it. Even basic bathrooms are now equipped with a rain shower because of what they offer. You can take one of the best showers you have had under a rain shower head and instantly fee Stainless Steel High Pressure Shower Head makes itl rejuvenated after that. The 12 Inch Best High Pressure Shower Head offers a high pressure flow which gives you relief from all your body pains. A rain shower head rated as one of the best selling Shower heads in the market. Each and every quality of this Mesun best pick for you. Now let us check out complete Mesun 12 Inches Square Rain Showerhead Review, along with detailed features, pros and cons.

Mesun Stainless Steel High Pressure Shower Head Features

The MeSun 12 Inches Square Rain Showerhead is made out of excellent quality stainless products, which makes it a very durable and long-lasting product. The entire construction is of stainless steel, which is why it is completely corrosion resistant as well. Given how it will be exposed to water constantly, the corrosion-resistant construction gives it extreme durability. The size also is very commendable because of the full-body coverage you will get.

The MeSun 12 Inch Showerhead comes with an adjustable 11-inch arm, which is made out of very durable brass. It has a thickened joint to the Mesun High Pressure Shower Head, which prevents breakage or leakage. You can move it to an extent which it is allowed to and have a delightful shower. You won’t have to worry about it breaking because it is designed to give you the right angle and height for having the perfect shower.

Because of the no-tool installation, the Square Rain Shower Head is very popular among its buyers and people who appreciate the brand. With a simple screw-on that comes in the package itself, you can install the Mesun High Pressure Shower Head yourself and have a shower within a few minutes of the installation. The water will come out like in a waterfall soon enough. Most people have bought it because they don’t have to call a guy to install it.

Water pressure is extremely important for a fixture to be the Best Square Rain Showerhead. In this Mesun Stainless Steel High Pressure Shower Head, you get good pressure because of the presence of ultra-thin and air-in technology. This two combined offer strong and high pressure as output. The water will massage your skin in the perfect way when it comes out of the nozzles. The pressure is also quite consistent so that your body gets wet quickly.

Most showerheads get lime deposits because of constant use. This is a common thing to happen, and this is also what usually disrupts the functioning. In the Best High Pressure Shower Head from Mesun you have flexible silicone nozzles as part of the system, which stops the limescale from sticking. Hence, the holes won’t get blocked like they usually do.

Mesun High Pressure Shower Head Specifications

Specification Name Value
13 x 12.6 x 3 inches
4.1 pounds
Model no
12 inches
Brushed chrome
Stainless steel
Flow rate
2.5 GPM
5 years





How is the water pressure in Mesun 12 Inches Square Rain Showerhead?

 The water pressure in Mesun 12 Inches Square Rain Showerhead is good.

Is Mesun 12 Inches Square Rain Showerhead noisy or quiet?

 The Mesun 12 Inches Square Rain Showerhead is quiet.

What faucet levels for hot and cold would you recommend in Mesun 12 Inches Square Rain Showerhead?

 It is recommended to have moderate levels of both hot and cold in a Mesun 12 Inches Square Rain Showerhead for a perfect shower experience.

Can Mesun 12 Inches Square Rain Showerhead be installed on an existing handheld shower?

Yes, you can very easily replace the showerhead just like you would with any showerhead.

Does Mesun 12 Inches Square Rain Showerhead work with low pressure?

Yes, it has a low-pressure design that works in such circumstances as well.

How to keep the Mesun 12 Inches Square Rain Showerhead in one position?

 The flange on top needs to be tightened once you have found the right position.

Bottom Line

The 12-inch MeSun High Pressure Shower Head is designed to cover your entire body when your shower. Most showerheads don’t do that because of the low pressure of water or lime deposits on the holes. This showerhead here has been able to combat both of those problems to give you a high pressure output. It is designed for low water pressure circumstances as well to ensure no matter what, you can shower well. Also, the nozzles are flexible enough to not let the lime stick on them, hence reducing the time you would otherwise spend cleaning those holes. The entire Mesun Stainless Steel High Pressure Shower Head has a sturdy construction, which is why it last you for years before you have to change it. The adjustable arm is another benefit that makes showering even more relaxing. You can find you are own angle and height and genuinely enjoy the shower while you rejuvenate in your own way. So this is all about Mesun 12 Inches Square Rain Showerhead Review, be sure to check out all its features pros and cons before purchase.

There is no other showerhead, which is easier to install than the MeSun Rain Showerhead, which can also be added to your existing shower fixtures. You can very easily upgrade from what you currently have and not spend on it too much as well. You won’t even need external help while you install it. Overall, it is an attractive fixture to have in your bathrooms, thanks to its chrome finish. The same resists corrosion as well, making it the perfect rain shower for any type of bathroom. People are installing it in their bathrooms every day because of how attractive it is as a rain showerhead.

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