Speakman Bathroom Shower Heads Comparison S2005 Vs S2252

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Do you feel laziness even after bathing for hours? Or do you wish to enjoy a luxurious spa-like bathing experience in your home bathroom? If yes, then my readers, you must change your shower head. Speakman offers you multi-function and innovative bathroom showerheads that make your skin feel refreshed and revitalized. So, let’s have a comparison between the two Speakman 2005 vs 2252 to install the right model in your bathroom.

Speakman 2005 Vs 2252 Features & Specs

Speakman S-2005HB Hotel Anystream High Pressure Polished Chrome Shower Head imageSpeakman S-2252 Signature Icon Anystream Adjustable High Pressure Polished Chrome Shower Head image
Basics of ComparisonSpeakman S-2005-HB Hotel Anystream High Pressure Shower HeadSpeakman S-2252 Signature Icon Anystream Adjustable High Pressure Shower Head
Dimensions5.38 x 3.25 x 3.25 Inches4 x 2.75 x 4 Inches
Weight13.4 ounces1.2 Pounds
Color Polished ChromePolished Chrome
Flow Rate2.5 GPM 2.5 GPM
Installation Method‎Wall Mounted‎Wall Mounted
Setting TypeMassageRain, Flood, Full Body
PressureHigh PressureHigh Pressure
WarrantyLimited One YearLimited One Year
Check PriceCheck Price

Speakman S-2005-HB Or S-2252 Bathroom Showerhead – Main Differences


Speakman S-2005-HB Anystream shower head is equipped with a contemporary design to match all modular bathroom accessories. This premium shower head has plastic body construction with a brass ball nut. It contains clean lines with a sleek and compact design with a spray adjusting handle. On the other hand, the Speakman S-2252 has an iconic style with a brass shower head. It is designed with a side handle and clean lines which makes it perfect for a contemporary bathroom accessory. Both the Speakman products are featured with a corrosion-resistant metal finish to avoid resisting.


Speakman makes sure that its showerheads are built with great efficiency and performance. Both the bathroom shower heads are manufactured with the Anystream technology. The Speakman S-2005 has an Anystream 3600 system for even distribution of water and an effortless transition through Intense, Massage, and combination setting types. However, the Speakman S-2252’s Anystream 3600 system ensures seamless transition of the water spray through Intense, Rain, and Full Flood settings. It also has showerhead plungers to control the spread of water. This helps to make it a perfect low water pressure head shower too by intensifying the nozzle of the stream.


Speakman S-2005 and S-2252 Anystream showerheads have both high and low pressure coverage. They are equipped with 50 full-coverage water sprays and 8 center massage jets to give you a spectacular experience. Speakmans Anystream showerheads are designed in a manner that you can control the spreading pattern of the water. They leave the nozzle with the patented plungers; as a result, pressure builds up and intensifies to become an ideal low water pressure shower head. The S-2005 Hotel Pure and S-2252 Signature Icon Speakman models are multi-functional that are available in four flow rates: 1.5 GPM, 1.75 GPM, 2.0 GPM, 2.5 GPM flow rates.

Ease of Installation

The installation of both the Speakman shower heads is super-easy and quick. You only require two things: Thread Seal / Teflon Tape and an adjustable wrench, to install the Speakman S-2005 and S-2252 in your bathroom. Firstly, apply the tape on the outlet side of the shower in a clockwise direction. Then, attach and tighten the thread showerhead onto the shower arm in a clockwise direction with an adjustable wrench. Make sure that you turn on the supply to check leaks if any. Also, you can adjust the spraying pattern in both the shower heads by rotating the side handle to your desired Anystream position.

Versatility and Flexibility

The Intense, Massage, and Combination spraying pattern in the Speakman S-2005 shower head make your bathing experience incredible. Similarly, the Speakman S-2252 offers an Intense pattern, a rainwater spray pattern for spa-like sensation, and a Flood pattern for perfect relaxation in a hot shower.

The bathroom shower heads by the Speakman are super-versatile to be installed from places like luxury resorts to the home bathroom. They are available in different corrosion-resistant finishes like polished chrome, brushed chrome, brushed nickel, polished brass, and diverse flow rates. They are flexible enough to adjust and transit into three spraying patterns in the Speakman 2005 vs 2252.

Additional Features

There are many additional and unique features in both the models of the Speakman. These multi-function shower heads have an in-built filter that helps to bring clean and safe water by removing up to 99% of chlorine and other harmful contaminants. Additionally, the Speakman S-2252 Icom showerheads have five plungers with 50 spraying patterns that are self-cleaning. They are low maintenance and easy to clean plungers that help to resist hard-water buildup and sediments to settle inside. The rotation of the side handle in either direction makes adjusting the spraying pattern easy and breezy in the duo Speakman showerheads.


Speakman offers a limited warranty period to all its buyers from the date of purchase of the product. The Speakman S-2005 Hotel and S-2252 high pressure Icon bathroom shower heads share a limited warranty period of one year. During this period, the responsibility of repairing and replacing the products lies with the Speakman on their manufacturing and installation issues.


Speakman is known for its great performance and unmatched quality. The Speakman shower heads are built to transform water into the best experience possible. The intricate designs with the diverse spraying patterns of the Speakman S-2005 and S-2252 showerheads result in giving you a powerful and sensual bathing experience. So, be quick to buy any of these two Speakman shower heads models and give your skin a fresh, clean, and pleasant feeling.

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