Remove Chlorine and Pollutants from your Water with Best Sprite Shower Head Filters

Remove Chlorine and Pollutants from your Water with Best Sprite Shower Head Filters

Best Rated Sprite Shower Head Filter for Sale

High mineral content waters or hard waters always create major problem to your household appliances. Deposition of limestone or gypsum minerals in the water pipes will lead to block of the water supply and at the same time stop the functioning of the appliances. Hard water also has high concentration of chlorine, which makes our skin dry. Taking a bath regularly in hard water is not advisable as they are harmful to your skin, hair and appliances in your home. The best solution for hard water is the use of a filter to remove chlorine, calcium and magnesium carbonate, sulphate and other minerals. There are many brands of best shower filters in the market, among them Sprite shower Filter stands apart with its patented technology. 

Chlorgon is the active carbon filtration media to remove active chlorine ions, combined chlorine, hydrogen sulfides, dirt, odor and sediments from the water and balance the pH of water. There are many designs in this filter unit with replaceable cartridges, high strength filters and self – sealing threads.  

Top Rated Sprite Shower Filter Reviews

Spend less and get more. Everyone likes to have a high-quality Shower Head with an affordable price in their home. Find the Best Shower Head and Shower filters in the market with less cost and enjoy their performance for long years. If you are really looking for such type of Shower Filters here is the best solution for you i.e, Sprite Water Shower Filter. The best budget Large Shower Heads and shower filters are made from the Sprite. If you want to know more about the sprite water filter go through the Sprite Shower Head Review.

The best place to know about Shower Heads and filters is Amazon sprite shower filter review. Make sure before buying if the Shower Head works properly and how many years it will give its services and How To Install A Shower Head. Don’t face problems with the Shower Heads after buying without knowing any Shower Head Reviews. So, read the Sprite shower head filters reviews and refer this buying guide to get clarity before buying on for home. 

10 Best Sprite Shower Filter for Sale 2020

Sprite AE7-CM shower head filter

Sprite AE7CM Shower Pure All In One 7 Setting Filtered Shower Head Filter image
  • Chlorgon filtration system
  • NSF certified
  • 1/2-inch NPT shower arm

Sprite HandHeld Pure 7 Shower Filter

Sprite HE7CM Hand Held Pure 7 Setting Chrome Shower Filter image
  • Chrome finish
  • Easy to install
  • Chlorgon filtration system

Sprite HR5-WH Royale 5 Shower Filter

Sprite HR5WH White Shower Filter image
  • Easy to install
  • Anti-scale spray tips
  • Excellent performance

Add flexibility while taking a shower with the Powerful Shower Head. The Shower Heads along with the Shower Filter Combo provides to benefit so you no need to buy Sprite shower filter separately. Such type of a Best Shower Heads filter is Sprite Filtered Shower Head Model Ae7-CM. One SLC Shower Filter and Shower Head come in one pack which makes your shower comfortable.

The SLC best shower filter helps you to the removal of chemicals from the Shower water. So, you can take a bath without worrying about the damage of skin and hair. The SLC filter able to filter 10,000 gallons water. So, you can use your Sprite Model Ae7 Shower Head for six months without any disturbance.

  • Chlorgon filtration system

  • NSF certified

  • 1/2-inch NPT shower arm

Chlorgon Media filtration system removes chlorine, sediment, odours, and metals from the shower water. With the help of brass swivel ball attachment, you can adjust your Best shower heads at any angle. You get pressured water from the jets present on the Sprite Hand Held Filtered Shower Head Ae7.

The adjustment of the spray settings also very easy with the help of Sprite Ae7 Cm Shower Pure 7 Filtered Shower Head. Not only performance the look also very beautiful with the Sprite Shower Head consists chrome finish to make your interior great. The installation is also very easy with the Shower Head filter. Know How to install a Shower Head before installation to protect your Head from Leakage of the Water.




  • The attractive finishing available with the Sprite Filtered Shower Head Model Ae7
  • Reduction of chlorine, sediment, odours, and metals is easy with the Chlorgon media filtration system
  • Can easily Purify 10,000 gallons
  • The filtration of shower water is better than drinking water
  • Easy installation is possible with the Best Shower Heads Filter


  • The colour of your hair fades out in few days

Everyone likes to have a fresh shower with the best ShowerHeads. You may feel struggle many times while taking a bath with the different odours, health issues as the water contaminated with the chemicals. Removal of those chemicals from the water is necessary to protect your health. So for that, you need a better ShowerHead filter which is capable of removing all the chemicals from the water while taking a bath.

The best Handheld shower Head filter which removes all the chlorine, sediment, odours and metals from your water is Sprite Hand Held Shower Pure 7 Setting Shower Filter Brushed Nickel. The Sprite HE7-CM Shower Pure Hand-Held Shower Filter consists HHC filter cartridge which can easily remove the chemicals and odours from the shower water. So, you can have a protected shower with the help of Sprite Hand Held Shower Pure 7 Setting Shower Filter.

  • Chrome finish

  • 72-inch double-coil metal hose

  • Easy to install

The installation also very easy with the Shower Head Filter which provides you with a comfortable bath. You can also have a flexibility of usage with the Handheld Shower Head filter as it can easily switch between different spray settings. The HE7-CM Shower Head filter comes along with the chrome finish which can suitable for your interior design easily.

5000 gallons of water can easily filter with the Shower Head filter. so, you can use your best ShowerHeads filter for six months in your home. The Sprite shower head filter for hard water comes along with the 72-inch double-coil metal hose, anti-scaling spray tips, and an HHC filter cartridge to provide a flexible shower to you.




  • Suitable for any interior with chrome finish
  • HHC Filter to provide a great filtration system to remove chemicals from the Shower water
  • Easily Fits most existing showers in the market
  • Chlorgon media filtration system to remove the Chemicals


  • Leakage of the water is possible

With the easy Adjusting Dial and wider head present in the Sprites Royale Handheld Shower Head Hr5-Wh, you have a comfortable shower in your home. Sometimes you need high pressured water flow and sometimes you need low pressured water flow while taking a bath.

So, to fulfil your requirement the Sprite HR5-WH Royale 5 Setting Filtered Shower Handle with HHC Cartridge, White by Sprite consists five different spray settings through which you can adjust the flow of water according to your need. Massaging sprays provided by the best Shower Heads make your day very special with the cool mind. Your muscles also feel relax with the powerful water flow provided by the Best Shower Heads filter.

  • Easy to install

  • Handheld Shower Filter System

  • Anti-scale spray tips

Pulse massaging spray also included in the spray settings which gives you relaxation and comfort. You can use your Shower Head filter as a stationary Shower Head or like Best Handheld Shower Head according to your requirement. The taller people have a flexible shower with the Sprites Royale Hand-Held Hr5-Wh Shower Head. The Shower Head also best-looking shower Head which available in the market.

Chlorine removal also easy with the Sprite HR5-WH Royale 5 Setting Filtered Shower Handle with HHC Cartridge, White by Sprite. Take the pure Shower of Pure water which is chemical-free water. Refer the Shower Head reviews to know about the Best Shower Heads available in the market.




  • No tools required for the installation of the Shower Heads
  • Five different spray settings available with the best Shower Head to provide relaxation to you
  • Removes all the chemicals from the water
  • You get healthier and smoother skin, hair by using the best Showerheads
  • The color of the hair lasts for longer days


  • Gives service only for less time

Most of the people buy best Rated Shower Heads and Shower Filters separately to have a perfect bath. You have to pay more money for Shower Head and shower Filter which makes uncomfortable to buy a Shower Head filter. So, to avoid that problem you need a Shower Head which consists Sprite filter inside it.

The perfect Shower Head which designed with inbuilt shower filter is Sprite Royale Filtered Shower Head. It is the Best Handheld Shower Head which comes with the Sprite Royale Shower Filter. You can have five different massage spray settings by using the Sprite Royale Filtered Showerhead. As the Top Shower Heads filter provides different spray settings, you can use it according to your requirement.

  • 5-spray settings

  • Patented Chlorgon filtration system

  • HHC filter

  • 2.5 gallons per minute

You can easily rid off from the stress by using different settings of the best Shower Heads. Add flexibility to take a shower with the 72-inch reinforce hose attachment. So, you can use your Shower Head comfortably with the long hose attachment. Attractive look also in your hands with the help of the Sprite Royale Filtered Shower Head.

So, you can decorate your bathroom with a beautiful design of the Shower Head Filter. Triple plated finish comes along with the best Shower Head. You can have the services of the Shower Head for three months without any disturbance.  




  • have a comfortable shower with the Deluxe Shower Handle With Built In Filter
  • Relief from stress with 5 Way Massaging Spray With Reversible Filter Cartridge
  • Reinforce Hose attachment to provide flexibility
  • Attractive look with Triple Plated Finish
  • You can use the months your Shower Head filter


  • Removal of the filter is little difficult

HOB- CM sprite shower head filter is made with Brass metal and contains the patented Chlorgon filtration system. This best shower filter for hard water removes chlorine, dirt and odor from the water.  The cartridge of the filter is tested and certified with standard 177 of NSF/ANSI. The product has limited 5- year warranty for housing. The components that are provided with the filter is replaceable filter cartridge.  Excellent chrome finish brad metal adds beauty to your bathroom.

  • Patented Chlorgon technology

  • Effectively removes 99.5% chlorine from water

  • Model has multiple finishes to blend with your décor

A single filter head can purify around0 113550 liters of water. as there are no indication  on the filter, you can use the filter on normal mode for 6 months and then you need to reverse the side and use it for another 6 months.  Sprite filtered shower head is more effective in the temperature range of 85- 105 degree Fahrenheit. The phenomenon used to filter hard minerals is called Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF).




  • Light weight and easy to install
  • Shower head looks attractive with the finish on metal
  • Removes chlorine completely


  • No handheld shower head attachment

Advanced filtration system available in the Sprite SL-CM-M SL- Dechlorinating Shower Filter with Massage Head Slim Line Chrome. Chlorgon filtration media available in the Shower Head filter which removes a high amount of chlorine from the Shower water. So, you can have a safe shower which protects your skin and hair. The skin becomes smoother and the hair becomes softer.

In the water, it not only contains chlorine there are a lot of chemicals present in the shower water. So, to remove other harmful chemicals from the water the Sprite SL-CM-M SL- Dechlorinating Shower Filter with Massage Head Slim Line Chrome consist Kdf Media. So, you can also protect from different odours and chemically contaminated water.

  • Low Profile Design

  • Easy Install

  • Self Sealing Threads

  • Extend-A-Path Baffle System

The design of the Shower filter also beautiful. It is a low-profile designed shower Head Filter. You have a better filtration system in the Sprite Shower Filter compared to the other Shower Head filters. You can extend the Shower filter up to 1.5 inches. Extra attachment comes along with the Shower Filter. If you want you can also add Optional Water Saver Massage Shower Head which provides you a comfortable shower with the Best Shower Head.

When you feel stress and when you want a relaxing shower you can use this Shower Head to get different massage feelings. You can easily save the water by using the Sprite Shower Filter. Easy installation possible with the best Shower Head Filter. You can attach the handheld shower Head attachment for the Shower Filter.




  • Easy installation possible with the Shower Head Filter
  • Low profile design suitable for any interior
  • Shower Head Extension Less Than 1.5-Inch so easy use of shower Head filter is possible
  • Replaceable for every six months of filters
  • NSF/ANSI Standard No.177 to prove its quality


  • Flexibility is less as it is not a Handheld Shower Head filter

You get the high performance and ultimate operation with the Sprite High Output Shower Filter Chrome. High reliability provided with the Sprite High Output Shower Filter Brushed Nickel. One year continuous services provided with the Sprite Water Filter Shower Head Brushed Nickel. So, you no need to replace your Sprite Shower filter every time like other Shower filters.

A high percentage of chlorine removed from the Shower Head which provides a healthier shower. The Sprite High Output Shower Filter consists Reversible Filter Cartridge (Model HOC) Included which removes all the harmful chemicals from the shower water.  You get all the features and specifications by reading the entire article here.

  • Reversible Filter Cartridge

  • Easy operation and maintenance

  • Reliable

The HOC Filters are easily available on the market. So, you no need to worry about the replacement of the Reversible Filter Cartridge. The beautiful look comes along with the Shower Filter as it is coated with the High Output Solid Brass with Brushed Nickel Finish.

You can easily remove the Shower Head with the Shower Filter. The installation is very easy with the Sprite High Output Shower Filter Brushed Nickel. Refer the Sprite Hob Bn Review for the clean information of the best Shower Heads.




  • Enjoy the services of the Shower filter for one-year
  • Removal of chlorine is easy with the Shower filter while taking a shower
  • Installation of Shower Filter is easy with the Shower Head
  • Very less weight while installation of Shower filter


  • Handheld Shower Head attachment is not available for the Shower filter

Sprite spray chrome Trim shower head is a 5 way shower head with filter. The product comes with one year limited warranty. AR5 – CT filter removes chlorine, pesticides, hydrogen sulphide and scales from pipe water. This is a 5 way shower head that has adjustable shower head.

This shower head provides pure spring water showering experience. Filter cartridge can filter 10000 gallons of water and has a minimum life span of 6 months.

  • 5 way massaging spray

  • Reversible flow capacity filter

  • Anti- scaling spray nozzle

  • Easy installation

  • 2.5 gallons of water is filtered by this shower head

Patented Chlorgon technology and KDF filtration system will remove chlorine and minerals and keeps your skin and hair softer and silkier. The chrome finish is definitely a plus to your bathroom.

You can back wash the cartridge and use it to extend the life of the cartridge. We can use the shower immediately after fitting the filter and there is no need for a flush. It has standard size to fit with any shower head. Filtration systems are certified with NSF/ANSI standard 177.




  • Easy to install
  • Great pressure in the shower
  • Wide focused spray
  • Removes the chlorine smell completely


  • There are no alarming cons with this product

Sprite high output filter has an additional showerhead and provides best protection from chlorine and minerals. Sprite shower head helps us to start the day fresh with its excellent filter system. Unlike other filters, this model has a shower head next to the filter.

Chrome finish metal body provides excellent look to the bathroom. The patented chlorgon filtration system has filtration media to absorb chlorine, magnesium carbonates, sulphides, dirt and odor from the water. if the flow rate is moderate, then the removal will be good.

  • Patented chlorgon filtration system

  • Flow rate is 2.5 gallons per minute

  • Pre-installed HOC filter cartridge

  • Tested and certified cartridge to comply with NSF/ANSI 177

  • Does not dry your skin

The flow rate of the Sprite chlorine shower filter is 2.5 gallon per minute. The pack comes with pre-installed HOV filter cartridge.  You can track the life of the filter through an app. This filtration unit is specific for bathrooms and not for drinking water treatment unit.

The cartridge can purify 25000 gallons of water or for 12 months from installation. Sprite water softener shower head is one of the high end water head in the market.




  • Made of chrome and has long life. (High built quality)
  • By rotating the filer monthly, you can get the same pressure of water


  • Minimal water flow due to less pressure
  • Unit leaks after few months

The minimalistic look added to your bathroom if you use Sprite Slim Line Shower Filter. The Sprite Shower Slim Filter design stylish which provides the satisfaction to the homeowners. The people who want to buy a Sprite Shower Filter which matches their interior of the bathroom Sprite Brass Shower Filter is the best choice for them.

The Sprite Slim Line Shower Filter functions well in removing different chemicals from the water which protect you from diseases. If you buy a Sprite Shower Slim Filter, you get the combination of design and functionality in one pack. Many people think the design is high and the functionality also high. So, the cost also not affordable for them. But the Sprite Brass Shower Filter definitely makes you surprise with its price.

  • 1/2-inch NPT shower arm

  • Patented Chlorgon filtration system

  • Easy to install

  • Easy removal of odours

The Sprite Slim Line Shower Filter Price also very low which is affordable for all. The Sprite Slim Line Shower Filter removes 90% of the chlorine from the shower water which makes your shower safe and healthy. The Shower Filter also reduces the fading of hair colour quickly.

So, you can take a bath with relaxing. You can get relief from the dry skin and dandruff by using the Sprite Shower Slim Filter. The reliability and quality are very high as the Sprite shower filter for hard water made up of metal with an oil rubbed bronze finish. So, you can have the longer services of the shower filter in your home. You can make your children and pets have a safe bath by using the versatile and elegant Sprite Shower Head Filter.




  • Affordable price for all
  • attractive design suitable for any interior
  • Safe shower with the filtration system
  • Removal of chlorine is easy while taking a shower
  • High quality provided with the Shower attached to the Top Rated Shower Heads
  • Easy removal of odours with the constant temperature maintenance


  • No attachment

One of the leading best shower Heads and Shower Filters available in the market are from Sprite Only. Most of the best shower filters for hard water available in the market with fewer prices and highly effective performance. Who are looking for the low budget Shower Heads for them Sprite Filter Shower Head are the perfect Shower Heads in their home. You get better performance with the Sprite Shower Filters. The quality also high for the Sprite Showers Shower Filter. Filtration is done effectively with the Sprite Universal Shower Filters as they remove the maximum amount of chlorine from the water. Replacement of the Sprite Showers Filtered Shower Heads also easily available on the Amazon. How to install a Shower Heads also easily know you by reading the Shower Head Reviews.

They easily spoil lungs, hair, skin, etc. To remove all those problems use best filtered shower head from Home. Sprite Shower Filter works effectively to remove the chemicals from the shower water. Sprite Filtered Shower Head Reviews provides you with a better information about the best ShowerHeads.

Sprite shower filter is the leading shower filter in the industry. Limited price and good performance are the key steps for its success in the market. They are the best low budget shower heads to remove chlorine content in water.

It should be easy to install. The shower filter should be installed without any requirement for tools. Even if tools are required, it should be a simple installation. There should be simple instruction manual with the product. In few minutes, your shower filter should deliver clean water.

Showerheads must serve for a long period of time without any replacements. There should be rechargeable cartridges along with the filter heads. The cartridges must last for minimum 6 months and maximum of 1 year. The flow rate should be 2.5 gallons per minute and the capacity should be 10000 gallons of water.

Most of the filters have the capability to filter chlorine, dirt, magnesium and impurities. Sprite showers have Chlorgon media filtration system, a patented technology that can remove chlorine, odor, metals and sediments. With the help of this patented technology, you can remove 99% of chlorine from the water. If the head could balance the pH, it is highly recommended.

Sprite shower filters have breathtaking designs, that prevents channeling, clogging and maintains the water pressure and head height.  If there is high contact time of the media with water, then filtration-level will be more


How to replace Sprite Shower Filter?

 Replace Sprite Shower Filters by following the steps below-

    1. Firstly, remove the Shower Head after turning off the main power. 
    2. Secondly, remove the filter system from the top end and the filter cartridge. 
    3. Finally, replace the filter system with a new one and replace the Shower Head. 
How long does the Sprite Handheld Shower Filter last?

The Sprite hand held shower filter lasts for at least 6 to 12 months.

Sprite Shower Filter filter how to install?

Note the steps below to install a Sprite Shower Filter-

    1. Just turn the main off and install a new shower filter system. 
    2. Screw the filter system in clockwise and fit the filter cartridge. 
    3. Then, fit the Shower Head and check for correct water flow. 
What filtering media is used in the Sprite Shower Filter?

The filtering media used in the Sprite Shower Filter is Chlorgon developed by Sprite company.

Are Sprite Shower Filter good?

Yes, Sprite Shower Filters are super good.

What is in Sprite Shower Filter?

Chlorgon is the element or media present in Sprite Shower Filter which changes chlorine into chloride.

How do you change a Sprite Shower Filter?

Know how to change a Sprite Shower Filter by following the steps below- 

  1. Initially remove the used shower head first.
  2. Once you open the cartridge, you will find the shower filter inside it.
  3. Remove it and replace it with a new one. 
When should I replace my Sprite Shower Filter?

The Sprite Shower Filter must be replaced after 6 to 12 months.

Does Sprite Shower Filter remove chloramine?

Yes, Sprite Shower Filter does remove chloramine.

Does Sprite Shower Filter come with a flow restrictor?

Yes, the Sprite Shower Filter does come with a flow restrictor.

Check the best Shower Heads and Shower Filters From Sprite before choosing one for home. Here you can know perfect information about all the best Shower Head Reviews. Just read it for few minutes  Reliability high for the Sprite Shower Head Filter. As installation is simple you can do it on you own. There are a lot many chemicals included in the shower water along with chlorine. All are very harmful to the health. Choose the Best Sprite Shower Head to remove all these harmful contents fromw water to get a better shower experience. 

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