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Swelldom 4 Inch Shower Head Review 2020

Have you faced any trouble with water pressure at your home? Does your bathing feel like a prolonged activity that never seems to end because of the compromised water flow? Then, be ready to leave all that behind, because we are going to talk about a shower head that will completely change your bathing experience. The Swelldom 5 Function Chrome Showerhead has taken the market by storm because of how convenient it is. Even if you are having problems with low pressure in water flow, the nozzles of this Swelldom Adjustable Shower Head is equipped enough to provide you with the high pressure you require. The company boasts of its superior quality not in the material chosen for this Swelldom 4″ Anti-Leak Shower Head but also the premium rainfall spray pattern the shower provides you with. It is compact and has a very stylish design with its chrome finish. If you have been looking for a permanent solution to your low-pressure problem, then the Swelldom High Pressure Shower Head will be the right choice for you.

Swelldom 4 Inch Anti Leak Shower Head Details

Now that we know that the Swelldom Adjustable Shower Head is one of a kind when it comes to providing high pressure let’s know about the number of settings that it provides you with. As the name suggests, the Swelldom shower head comes with 5 settings, the massage spray, rain spray, mist spray, a combination of rain and mist spray, and rain and massage spray. The massage spray of the Swelldom 5 Function Chrome Showerhead is truly relaxing. In our testing, I tried all the settings, and my favorite was the massage spray because of how relaxing I felt on my back after I have showered. The jets hit you at the right angle with the accurate pressure to relieve you of any pain you may have. Other than that, the Swelldom Low Flow Shower Head will also save you the extra time you spend on cleaning the showerheads due to the formation of lime and hard water residues. Its high flow jets does not let any deposit to settle, and hence it cleans itself. Refer this Swelldom 4 Inch Shower Head Review, along with detailed features, pros and cons.

Swelldom 4″ Anti-Leak Shower Head Features

The pressure of the shower is more important since no one likes to take a bath with a slow dripping flow of water. Suppose, if you woke up late in the morning and you want to get fresh within a less amount of time. In that case, your shower head is providing you water with low pressure, and you might wish to skip bathing as you running late. Sometimes, the pressure of water coming out from the showerhead can make a huge change in your life. If you continue not taking a bath for many days, you might catch some skin disease. In order to have a high-pressure shower experience, you should opt for the Swelldom High-Pressure Shower Head. The pressure of this Best High Pressure Shower Head is quite high so that the user can have a relaxing experience while taking a shower. With the help of this shower head, you will be able to take a quick bath whenever you want without any fluctuation in the flow of water. There are settings available that can enable you to change the pressure of the water flow. You can easily access the settings of the Swelldom High-Pressure Shower Head and change the pressure as per your convenience.

When you are dripping with sweat after having a rough day, you crave to have a long refreshing bath in your shower. Sometimes you may feel like standing in the rain and feel the drops as they fall on you. After a while, it might start to feel irritating, and you will remain under stress. The only thing which will keep you away from enjoying these types of baths is just the door to the bathroom. With this Swelldom Adjustable Shower Head, you can have the facility to change the settings of your shower head water flow. You can change the settings of the showerhead as per your convenience and the type of bath you want to take. You can experience rain, mist, and a combination of both as well. There is also the facility of getting a massage by just taking a shower. With a single shower head, you can clean yourself and at the same time can release the stress from your body.

The warranty is one of the major factors which can tell you about the many minor details of the product. Since we all have experience of buying different products of several kinds. And the common fact observed is that the shower heads which has a longer warranty period has high durability as well. The Swelldom Low Flow Shower Head comes with a warranty period of a lifetime. In the course of this warranty period, you can file a complaint to the company if your shower head is not working properly and the company will provide you a replacement as soon as possible. If you have ordered a Swelldom Low Flow Shower Head, but during shipping, it gets broken or damaged, the company will provide you the replacement for the same showerheads. It is one of the Best Low Flow Shower Head available in the market with a lifelong warranty period.

If you are new to the world of fitting and installing any household devices, the process of installation of the showerhead becomes a tough job. There are few showerheads for which you have to buy some special tools to fix the shower head, and those tools are no use after fitting it. Some of them need other accessories just to get fixed in one place. You have to buy all these things from the market if you have chosen the wrong shower head. It is simply a waste of money as well as time since you also have to invest time to assemble and search for the tools and other accessories to fit the showerhead. But with the Swelldom 4″ Anti-Leak Shower Head, you do not have to worry about the installation process. The process of installation will be given in the user manual. Just follow the guidelines, and you will be good to go. The best thing about the installation process is that it does not require any tools, equipment, or accessories. There is no need for additional tools or any other stuff. Just buy the Swelldom 4″ Anti-Leak Shower Head, and the manufacturers have already provided enough plumbing tape that will be more than enough to install it.

The design of Swelldom High-Pressure Shower Head is quite elegant. The whole shower head is made up of stainless steel, which will not catch any stains if you use hard water. Even if the lime or calcium deposits on the surface of the showerhead, with just one wipe, you can keep your showerhead clean. The jets of this shower head is designed with silicon. With the help of that silicon, the jets of shower head remain clean, and the deposits of calcium and lime do not remain. Along with all these features, the Swelldom Adjustable Shower Head also has an adjustable swivel ball made of brass, which can give proper direction to your showering as per your choice.

The size of the showerhead plays a vital role in providing a satisfactory service to the user. It is observed that the longer is the showerhead, the more space will be covered by it. This Best Low Flow Shower Head can cover many areas and gives you immense pleasure. Now while taking a bath, you do not have to move a lot just to get covered by your shower head. It enhances the efficiency of the showerhead.

Swelldom High Pressure Shower Head Specifications

Specification Name Value
Product Dimension
4.5 x 4.5 x 4.3 inches
Product Weight
8.8 ounces
Item Model Number
High Pressure Shower Head
Flow Rate
2.5 GPM
Water Consumption
2.5 GPM
Angle Adjustable
Brass Swivel Ball Joint
4 Inch
Number Of Handles
Chrome Plated ABS
Wall-Mounted, Screw-In Tool
Number of jets





Can I install Swelldom 4 Inch Shower Head with Aqua Earth shower filter?

 No, you cannot install Swelldom 4 Inch Shower Head with an Aqua Earth shower filter.

Does Swelldom 4 Inch Shower Head have an on/off feature?

 No, the Swelldom 4 Inch Shower Head does not have an on/off feature.

Is Swelldom 4 Inch Shower Head a non-scald Shower Head?

 Yes, the Swelldom 4 Inch Shower Head is a non-scald Shower Head.

Can Swelldom 4 Inch Shower Head work on a hot shower?

Yes, the Swelldom 4 Inch Shower Head can work on a hot shower.

What are the extra tools that I may require to install the Swelldom 5 Function Chrome Showerhead?

You do not require any extra tools to install the Swelldom Chrome Showerhead, because manufacturers have already provided all the tools like plumbing tape, Teflon tape, extra with the showerhead package.

Will the Swelldom Low Flow Shower Head rust after multiple usages?

No, the Swelldom Shower Head will not rust after multiple usages, because it is coated with Chrome finish.

Is the Swelldom 4 Inch Shower Head angle adjustable?

Yes, the Swelldom Low Flow Showerhead is angle adjustable, as it comes with a brass swivel ball joint.

How much time does the installation for the Swelldom 5 Function Chrome Shower head take?

The installation for the Swelldom High Pressure Shower Head takes very easy, and hence it will take you around a minute or so.

Bottom Line

Finally i am concluding this Swelldom 4 Inch Shower Head Review, complete set of features and pros and cons. Made with the highest quality of materials like the ABS premium plastic, the Swelldom High Pressure Shower Head has a very interesting design with a chrome finish that increases the aesthetics of your bathroom area. People with a small, modern design bathroom will love this Swelldom 4″ Anti-Leak Shower Head because of how classy and compact it is. This showerhead comes with a total number of 45 jets that spray water in high pressure and does not let any lime or hard water residue to deposit on the shower head’s nozzles and cause problems with clogging and low pressure. Known to be the Best HIGH-PRESSURE SHOWER HEAD, this Swelldom Low Flow Shower Head has been liked by almost 85% of its users, without any complaints. The manufacturers have kept the user’s needs and demands in mind while designing this shower head and hence provided its customers with 5 spray settings, such as the rain, mist, massage, and so on. In case you want to enjoy rain and mist together, there is a setting for that as well. Isn’t it great? You can choose any of the given settings according to your liking and mood. In case you want to have a relaxing shower, select the mist mode. Another important aspect of this fantastic Swelldom Low Flow Shower Head is that it comes with a swivel ball joint that lets you turn the showerhead easily in any direction you want. Most showerheads come with fixed joints, but that is not the case here.

With quick installation and high-quality materials, the Swelldom 5 Function Chrome Showerhead has won the hearts of many of its users. The negligible maintenance requirement, the high pressure, amazing sleek design, compact body, high durability, has truly made this product worth the money. The manufacturers are proud of their product. They have also provided their customers with a 100% money-back guarantee in case they are not satisfied with the quality of the performance of their showerhead.

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