We all love to take a shower because of how relaxing it can be after a long day or the perfect way to wake up every morning. Having the perfect showerhead is the real secret of making that happen for yourself. We all have seen those ads where they show how perfectly water drips out of the shower. Despite that, we still get confused as to which one would suit us

Types Of Shower Heads image
Types Of Shower Heads image

Types of Shower Heads

There are a lot of brands as well that are selling different types of showerheads, so it is really easy to get confused. To help you out, we have all types of showerheads and their use listed here for you.

Wall mount shower head

It is a type of showerhead we have had for a long time and something most of us have. It is cheaper than most other showerheads, and you can get this type in square and round shapes as well. Also, you will get a lot of spray styles in them to easily be used by a lot of people at the same time. The fixture is permanent, which can be convenient or inconvenient, depending on the scenario.

When to buy: A wall-mounted showerhead is the best option for a family bathroom, which is being used by kids and adults at the same time. It will be a more durable option as well here. 

Hand-held shower head

This is the type of showerhead which is attached to a hose, which again is extremely flexible to use. Most people buy it for the flexibility it offers, and it is best used with a bathtub. You can very easily reach hard to reach places with the help of a hand-held shower head. You can find different fixtures with this type, one that has a longer hose or one that has its hose attached to a fixed shower head as well.

When to buy: when you have a bathtub and want a shower head with it, this is the one you need for it. A fixed one can be tricky, really to use with a bathtub. Otherwise, also, it is a good flexible option to have.

Body spray shower head

A body spray shower head is similar to a hand-held showerhead in the flexibility offered but a better option because you don’t have to be constantly holding the showerhead in your hand. The outlet points are mounted at different heights to give you that experience of a full-body spray. The spray pattern can usually be adjusted through the settings that come programmed into the showerhead already.

When to buy: when you are planning a budget-friendly yet exotic bathroom for yourself, body spray shower heads are a great option to consider for installation. They will create a spa-like environment for you and give that exotic feel you are going for.

Rainfall and rain shower head

All the exotic shower heads that are huge in size, as you see in those adverts are the rain showerheads. They literally drench you in water as soon as you switch them on. Now, many types of fixtures are available that combine with a simple rain shower heads to give you an extremely luxurious bathroom experience. Best of the bathrooms have these rain shower heads as they give you a very calming shower. Even the pressure with which waterfalls on, you can adjust in them, and they have a connection for music as well. Talk about true luxury.

When to buy: the perfect reason to buy a rain shower head is when you want that perfect showerhead. They are usually a little expensive, so the budget should not be a constraint if you wish to buy one of these. 


There isn’t the best option when it comes to buying a showerhead. The type you would buy depends on the use you have for the showerhead. Some might do well with a simple wall-mounted showerhead. Budget is also really crucial when buying a shower head because, with more functions, the cost also increases.

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