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Waterpik NML-603 Shower Head Review 2020

Most people don’t pay too much attention to the kind of showerheads they have. This is why most of us end with leakage issues or blockage issues with the shower heads. Many of you would be convinced to buy a new one, but for that. You need to know what exactly you need a good shower head and which one is a good example of it. Here is the complete solution Waterpik High Pressure Flexible Neck Shower Head for you. All of you are not aware of its features, this Waterpik NML-603 Shower Head Review is just for you.

Waterpik Flexible Neck High Pressure Shower Head Details

 Ideally, you should be replacing your shower head almost every year because of how much bacteria could grow in it. Many brands are now working on that aspect and giving out great shower heads with flexible nozzles. One brand you will come across a lot while looking for a good shower heads is definitely Waterpik. It has great high pressure shower heads with add on features that enhance the entire experience of taking a shower. One of its best selling products is the Waterpik NML-603 Adjustable Shower Head with a flexible hose as its neck. It is a very innovative design ideology that has been implemented to give out a Waterpik NML-603 High Pressure Shower Head like that. Now let us check out the complete Waterpik NML-603 Shower Head Review, with pros and cons.

Waterpik NML-603 High Pressure Shower Head Features

With a flexible neck, the Waterpik High Pressure Flexible Shower Head NML-630 becomes one of the best adjustable shower head. The flexibility of use that you get with this one is hard to find in most other showerheads. The 18-inch hose is the reason behind such flexibility. Once you have found your position for the showerhead, it will stay in the same position while you take a shower. This feature is great when you are sharing a bathroom with other people of different heights.

Waterpik shower heads are very well known for their high pressure output, but this Waterpik Flexible Shower Head is a better version of all that the brand has had till now. The rubber nozzles embedded into the system are very efficient in what they do, that is to make sure there is no blockage. They are evenly spread on the showerhead in a way so that you receive the maximum amount of water on your body directly.

One problem that most shower heads have is that they are fixated at one height, which is why everyone can’t enjoy the shower equally. As for Waterpik High Pressure Shower Head, it has an adjustable height system that lets anyone of any height experience the shower in the way it should be. The shower head can be moved up and down, and the height can be adjusted accordingly along with its angle.

As mentioned in Waterpik NML-603 Shower Head Review, this one comes with six modes. Yes, this Waterpik High Pressure Flexible Shower Head has spray modes that let you customize how you would use your shower. There are six modes in total, and you can experiment with each of them and land on one that suits you the most, like the power spray mode, which concentrates the spray of water in one direction to give a powerful output. On the other hand, you will find water-saving mode as well, which uses water efficiently.

Low water pressure in the inlet zone can be a tricky thing to handle, but the Waterpik NML-603 Flexible Shower Head With Power Spray does the job very well. It has been designed with the very advanced Optiflow technology, which ensures that despite the low pressure inlet, the output water is sprayed on your body with extreme pressure. It is best suited for areas that experience such a situation because this shower head can be effective.

Waterpik High Pressure Flexible Shower Head SPECS

Specification Name Value
Model no
Waterpik NML-603
18 x 3.8 x 7.8 inches
1 pound
Flow rate
2.5 GPM
Wall mount





How to remove flow restrictor from Waterpik NML-603 Shower Head?

 Follow the steps below to remove flow restrictor from a Waterpik NML-603 Shower Head-

    1. Turn the main power off and then remove the Shower Head. 
    2. Turn the head counter clockwise to remove it from Shower Head. 
    3. Pull out the restrictor using a clip and replace the Shower Head back. 
How to get more flow from my Waterpik NML-603 Shower Head?

Get more flow of water from your Waterpik NML-603 Shower Head by following the instructions below-

    1. First, just check all the kinks and other leakage in the Shower Head pipes. 
    2. Clean the Shower Head system clearly and regularly. 
    3. Remove the flow restrictor attached to the neck of the Shower Head. 
How to take out water saver in Waterpik NML-603 Shower Head?

Know how to take out water saver in Waterpik NML-603 Shower Head by reading the instructions below-

    1. Unscrew the Shower Head from the shower arm after switching off the power. 
    2. Using a clip, take out the water saver out of its neck. 
    3. Replace the Shower Head to the shower arm.
What is the main difference between the NML-603 Linea 6-Mode Showerhead VS. the NSL-603 Power Spray Flex Neck Showerhead?

The main difference between the NML-603 Linea 6-Mode Showerhead VS the NSL-603 Power Spray Flex Neck Showerhead is that they are different in design, but same in characteristics and hold very similar features like pressure level, adjustable flow range etc.

Can the Waterpik NML-603 Shower Head be removed from the flexible arm?

Yes, the Waterpik NML-603 Shower Head can be removed from the flexible arm.

Can the flow be shut off at the Shower Head?

No, the flow cannot be shut off at the Shower Head.

Is it possible to replace just the showerhead?

No, showerhead attached to a flexible hose, so both of them have to be used to be together.

Is Waterpik NML-603 Shower Head a handheld shower?

 The hose is flexible and can change heights, but it is not supposed to be used as a hand held shower.

Is there a setting to pause the flow of water in Waterpik NML-603 Shower Head?

 The spray settings will reduce the flow, but to shut off the flow, the water has to be turned off.

Bottom Line

The Waterpik NML-603 High Pressure Shower Head has been designed and produced very uniquely, given how it works. Very few showerheads come with an 18-inch hose attached to it, which is stable and flexible at the same time. The customization of different modes and the fact that it can be adjusted according to height give something simple as a showerhead a very personal touch. This feature also becomes very beneficial when the showerhead is installed in a bathroom that is used by people with different heights. Everyone can adjust the showerhead according to what they feel comfortable with. If used properly, this shower head can easily last you a lifetime because of its very durable nozzles and the chrome finish. The hose is made up of chrome, so both match with each other, and the entire set looks good in your bathroom. All these features are rarely found in basic shower heads, but Waterpik is giving all of it for a reasonable price. Hope you love this Waterpik NML-603 Shower Head Review.

The Waterpik Adjustable Shower Head is a great shower head to install in a small bathroom and is perfect for a small family, even if there are kids involved. They can quickly shower by changing and extending the length of the hose. It will stretch out but stay stable still for a long time. The spray modes are also useful as everyone can customize them based on what they like. It even has a water conservation mode where it reduces the flow of water to help save it. This is a good mode to use when your kids are using the shower. Things like this make it one of the best shower heads you will come across.

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