How To Choose Best Shower Filter For Hard Water?

In general, each day begins with either [contents h2][contents h2]a cold or hot shower. For a day to start with fresh hair and skin, you have to make sure that you use the best shower filters for hard water. Hard water spoils your skin and makes it look very dry. Washing hair with hard water makes its color look dull, but with the help of a shower filter, water gets softer Ans it makes your skin and hair look better without the need for a full-home filtering system. 

What To Look For A Shower Filter image
What To Look For A Shower Filter image

A shower filter is a piece that is connected to the shower arm, or sometimes it is included in the showerhead itself, to remove chlorine from water. There are many types, and brands of shower filters are available today in the market. In this article, we will let you know how to choose the best shower filter. 

What To Look for a Shower Filter?

Showerheads are available in different types, styles, and usability choices. Select a showerhead depending on its features, finishing, water pressure levels, and spray types. Initially, get an idea where you exactly want it to be installed, and then decide whether you want a ceiling or wall fixed shower head. Let us look into the features and types so you can easily choose the right shower head for the bathroom. 

Types of Shower Head

  • Adjustable Shower Head: This type of showerhead has many spray choices and water pressure levels, and is generally changed by rotating the head in the clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. 
  • Rain Shower Head: It has a low spray of water that gives the soothing experience of rainfall. This type is usually eco-friendly and water-saving. 
  • Handheld Showerhead: These showerheads have a tiny house that is connected to a showerhead for convenient bathing and many options.  
  • Low-flow showerheads: they are designed particularly for saving water, and have many spray options, generally a rainfall, for efficient usage of water. 
  • Fixed Showerheads: These types are the standard model, just the showerhead is connected to a pipe, or it is attached to the faucet hole in the wall. 
  • Dual Shower Heads: It provides both a connected handheld and fixed shower head for many bathing options. 

 Shower Filter Features

  • Installation type: shower heads either ceiling or wall mounted based on your already present plumbing set-up. For a realistic feel of rain, most of the rainfall showerheads are mounted on the ceiling. 
  • Finish: Showerheads are available in different finishes to suit your bathroom, from antique brass and nickel to bronze, and chrome. Choose rust-resistant finishing. 
  • Flow Rate: Select a shower head with low-flow for saving more energy. 

Different Styles Shower Head

The shower head’s shape will decide whether it will match well with a transitional, modern, or traditional bathroom. 

  • Oval and Round: Oval and round are more flexible, style-wise. Based on the design, the classic or modern view can be achieved. 
  • Rectangular and Square: Square showerheads with clean lines are great for a contemporary bathroom. This style gives a rainfall feel with its flat, wide shape. Same as Square showerhead, rectangle showerheads also give a rainfall experience. 
  • Irregular Shapes: The showerheads with unique style add visual interest to your bathroom and are ideal for customized projects. Such irregular shapes like a trumpet, cylinders will have charm and personality. 

Shower Head Nozzle Type

The showerhead has a variety of nozzles, and the differences between them are beyond aesthetics. In general, showerheads will contain any one of these three nozzle types: 

  • Silicon nozzle that is made of silicone and is clog-resistant.
  •  Raised nozzle, which produces a powerful, streamlined downward spray. This type of nozzle can be removed so that one can easily soak them in warm water or vinegar to take out any built sediment. 
  • Flat Nozzles: These nozzles are the flat face that gives a linear look for your bathroom. 

Choosing the Best shower head is just a starting part of changing your bathroom into a place that shows your style. How to Choose the Best Shower Filter for Hard Water? Each shower filter carries a fair part of benefits and drawbacks. It is important to decide what you want to filter-out before choosing the filter most needed for you. 

Shower Filter Types

  • Carbon Shower Filter: A filter with GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) is efficient in downscaling chlorine. And a few organic chemicals found in chilled water. Chlorine molecules are absorbed because of the strong attraction of chlorine particles towards the carbon molecules. The absorption effects are canceled immediately when the water turns to warm. 
  • KDF Filter: KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) is a copper-zinc formulation of high-purity, and it removes mercury sulfide, iron, and chlorine from water using chemical reactions of oxidation and reduction. It is possible by replacing the harmful contaminants with electrons to make them harmless soluble particles. KDF filters work well only with low-pressure. 
  • Vitamin C filters: Vitamin C is an important ingredient in the fusion of molecules; high-quality vitamin c filters included with ascorbic acid that combines with the water. But it is bit expensive and needs to replace the ascorbic frequently than expected. 
  •  Two-stage filters: This type of filter not only decreases the chlorine particles, but it also improves the water’s Ph balance. In the initial stage, to remove sulfides, chlorine, and other chemicals, it employs granular copper and zinc. 

Shower Head Buying Guide 

Lifespan: Always note that filter cartridges do not last for many days. Most of the filters will last for at least 6 months before they need replacement.

Filtration Measures: When you are looking for a shower filter, be particular on what you need to be filtered. As different types of shower filters have different levels of filtration. You have to look for the technology that the screens are offering before having the filter.  

Reputable: it may sound a little boring to the majority of people, but it is an important criterion, particularly when you begin to use such products. Make sure that you will go through the product reviews from different customers for the type or brand of filter you are looking for. 

The primary thing you have to do is to test the water and know which pollutants are affecting your water source before you shop for a shower head water filter. After finding out the most harmful pollutants in your water, you can choose the best water filter for hard water that not only softens and purifies your water but also healthier and better to use.

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