Why Use A Shower Filter?

A shower needs to clean your body and get rid of all the dirt, grit, and sweat to leave your body clean and fresh. But imagine if all the effort you are putting in cleansing your body ever. So determinedly is wasting away because the same water you are using to cleanse your body. But itself filled with harmful substances that are ripping your skin off its natural wellness. Not at all desirable, right? Here are some of the reason Why use a Shower Filter, just explore it. 

Why Use A Shower Filter image
Why Use A Shower Filter image

Why Use A Shower Filter?

Well, it is true because, without a water softener or a water filter, you are showering with harmful hard water that will cause breakouts on your skin, damage your hair and cause other skin problems. Not only is the hardness of water an issue, chlorine kills harmful microbes in the water to make it fit for usage by human beings, but what about the ill- effects of chlorine?

Bacteria build- up in the showerhead

A showerhead is a place where all the bacteria breeds and deposits, and when you turn on the shower, all that bacteria washes down on you. The whole point of taking a shower is to cleanse your body of dirt, grit, and pollutants, so imagine how wasteful this activity is when your showerhead incorporates millions of bacteria. Using a water softener will reduce the build-up of bacteria in the showerhead and give you a much cleaner experience of showering. 

Cosmetic reasons

The answer to why get a Shower Water Filter? Expands to even cosmetic reasons. Yes, there are several cosmetic benefits of installing a water softener or shower filter. Water softeners abate the amount of chlorine in the water. Chlorine affects the quality of your hair and skin very poorly by sucking out the moisture out of them. Chlorine also kills the helpful bacteria, and the harmful bacteria being more persistent survives and causes damage to your skin, causing pimples, acne, and rashes. The cosmetic problems of unsoftened water don’t just end here.

Your skin will constantly feel very dried up and irritated, and bathing or using such kind of water for a prolonged time will also lead to signs of premature ageing like wrinkles and discolouration of your skin. Installing a shower filter reduces the risks of all such problems, and the shower filter will zero the effect of all the chemicals present in the water and leave a naturally soft skin on your body. 

Chlorine inhalation

Water treatment facilities use chlorine to combat bacterial growth in the water as these microbes, especially bacteria, are very dangerous for our health. Chlorine, when reacted with organic substances, leads to the formation of cancer-causing byproducts like chloroform. While taking a shower, your pores open up and have more ability to dermal absorption of substances like the byproducts of chlorine, which are very harmful to you. Unfiltered water infused with chlorine is even more harmful when opposed to sin than it is by drinking it directly. 

 Reduces hard water problems

Water that comes out of your faucets, showerheads, and other taps is hard in nature. Hard water has minerals like ions of calcium and magnesium, which make the water hard. They are not good for consumption or usage. Hard water turns your skin super dry and turns your hair brittle, dull, dry, and causes a lot of breakages. Water softeners or shower filters soften the hard water and turn it fit for usage. Hard water also causes staining and clogs your shower head, faucets, etc. hard water stains are very difficult to remove and seem to lie nuisance as they make their presence known on every possible surface and bathroom appliance. Even your utensils will have stains after you have washed them. So, using a water filter only makes sense. 

Why Get a Shower Water Filter?

It should be a yes after having learned all the several damages that untreated water from your showerhead can do to your body and skin. Not only is your skin getting damaged from unfiltered water. However, your inner organs are also at a certain risk of damage from unfiltered water.

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