10 Budget-friendly Shower Heads of 2020 - Picked from Top Brands which care for your Skin and Hair!

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The number of times we have hated cleaning our shower head because of the low pressure of water is countless. Every morning it is the same hassle we go through but forget that there is a solution to it all. You can easily buy the Best High Pressure Shower Head to replace your old one. These shower heads are designed for such situations, and the water pressure doesn’t alter at any point, even if the water pressure from the back end does.

Some of them even have self-cleaning or easy cleaning properties, so you have less work to do. You can make your life easy by installing a new shower head and having a new experience with it altogether. There are many new types also available with different finishes, so you have a lot to explore and choose from.  

Most showerheads that you will see in the market are very similar to each other and don’t have very different features. Still, only a few like this one come out as best because of their affordability and their unique design. The reason this shower head is the best out of all that we have reviewed is that it is detachable and has five functions in total. It is not restricted to just one use like most shower heads are.

Nozzles through which water comes out are self-cleaning, so your effort on cleaning is also reduced, which you usually have to put in otherwise. The lifetime warranty is another benefit that makes a good case for this shower head filter, and the durability is even more enhanced because of the ABS material construction. What you get as the end product is very durable and worth buying.

Top 10 Shower Head Reviews 2020

SparkPod High Pressure Rain Shower Head

SparkPod SH3270 Luxury Modern Chrome Look Shower Head image

AquaDance High Pressure Handheld Shower

AquaDance 3312 High Pressure 6 Setting 3.5-inches Chrome Face Handheld Shower image

AquaBliss High Output 12-Stage Shower Filter

AquaBliss SF100 High Output 12 Stage Shower Filter image

Change your old Shower filter with this new easy to install a rain shower head that has been designed for high-pressure use. You won’t be able to go back to a standard shower once you have had an experience of this shower head.

  • Self-cleansing nozzles

  • Chrome finish

  • Tilt able design

  • High pressure design

  • Removable water restrictor

This Best Rain shower head has been designed to ensure you can start using the Shower instantly after installation. You won’t need a guy to do the job for you as well since it is a tool-free installation. If you follow the instructions carefully, you will end up doing the job right by yourself, which is the primary benefit you receive on buying this shower head.

It is also a universal shower head, so connecting to a shower arm is no hassle at all. There are additional water filters in the package to get you started. There is a water restrictor as well in the whole set, which can be used to save water and can be removed when required. The experience that you have while using the Shower can be changed entirely with the help of this shower head.

It can be tilted turned at an angle to give a better direction to the flow of water, or you can adjust it as required. Another benefit that you receive by using this Flexible Shower Head is that you won’t have to clean it. The self-cleaning nozzles made out of rustproof ABS plastic remove hard water deposits so that the pressure is not reduced at any point. A low maintenance showerhead is what this one is, which is also durable enough to last for years.





Sometimes an Adjustable Height Shower Head is all we need to enhance that bathing experience and what better than this small hand held shower head to do the same. It is not just convenient in use but is equally cheap as well to buy so everyone can afford it easily.

  • 6 water flow settings

  • Hand held design

  • Tool free connection

  • Stainless steel hose

  • Angle adjustable

This Removable Shower Head is part of amazon’s top ten shower heads because of its compact design that lets you use and install this shower head anywhere. You can either use it as a hand held shower head or you can place it in the stand that is part of the package and use it as a standard overhead shower.

This function makes it a deluxe hand shower sporting a very ergonomic design that is fit for all. Everything about it is very flexible and versatile to give you also that kind of flexibility. The adjustable angle feature lets you adjust the direction of the flow of water when it is being used as an overhead shower.

The operation of this feature doesn’t need you to use and diverters or levers, it is a complete hands-free operation. This is why the hose is also extra flexible and made of heavy duty stainless steel, making the entire thing very durable.

The brass connection nuts also support the durable and easy to install design. They can be adjusted and fixed by you and will stay there for a long period to come.





We all hate when the Shower pours down on us unclean water, which affects our skin or hair. Bad quality water can affect your health, which is why you need Best Shower Head Filter to do the job for you. What you get after installing this filter is the cleanest possible water that rejuvenates your skin.

  • 12 stage sediment filters

  • Neutralizes odours

  • No tool installation

  • Fits all shower heads

  • Ceramic built

Upon installing this Best Shower Head Filter, you will immediately feel the difference in your hair and skin. Usually, chemical-ridden water causes itchy skin or flaky dandruff, which can be eliminated simply by having this 12-stage shower filter.

It is a unique system that has layers of different things through which the water goes down and finally comes out of the showerhead. If you are buying a shower head recently, then you should buy a shower filter to have a much better experience.

The maximum of the water filtration is done by the shower filter itself that you don’t need to spend too much on the showerhead itself. Most Shower filters deal with the chemicals for a short period but do nothing repair the damage that has been already done.

The multi-stage health filter works for the better of your skin and hair rather than just eliminating the chemicals. The best thing about this shower head is that you can install it anywhere and with any showerhead. There are no pre-requisites needed for the installation of Showerhead.





A good shower can relieve all the muscle pain, stress. This Detachable Shower Head has been designed with massage jets to make that happen for you. You can install it without even thinking twice as it is backed up by a lifetime warranty.

  • Massaging jets

  • 7 spray options

  • Touch clean spray holes

  • Lifetime warranty

  • Chrome finish

Once you have this Detachable Shower Head installed, you need to immerse yourself in a powerful stream of water. All your showering needs will be taken care of with the intense full body spray of this shower head.

The massaging jets throw out high pressure water, which relieves sore muscles and gives you an ultimate showering. In order to enhance the same experience, there are seven spray settings as well, which offer different types of flow of water. You can change and alter them to your requirements and have an even better experience.

There is a pause setting as well, which holds the temperature that you left the Shower at. This way, you don’t have to set the temperature again and again. Most users that are currently using this shower head have appreciated its accessible cleaning features.

The touch clean spray holes allow you to quickly and easily wipe away calcium and lime build up. You wouldn’t need to soak the shower head in chemical cleaners to accomplish the task as you usually do with most other shower heads. The vigorous efforts that are typically required are not needed here.





A very superior design is the reason that this Aqua dance shower head is the costliest out of all the shower heads that we have reviewed. This Best High Pressure Shower Head is not just the look that is premium and high end, and you have various settings to enhance your experience to that level.

  • Rub clean jets

  • Angle adjustable

  • High power click lever dial

  • 6 modular settings

  • 3-way diverter

The design of this Rainfall Shower Head from aqua dance is very flexible and can be used in different ways according to what you want. The main shower head has a seven-inch face while the smaller shower head has a four-inch face. You can either use this combination as an overhead shower or as a hand held Shower.

There is a 5 ft hose attached to the handheld Shower so you can use it quite flexible. The high power click lever dial lets you switch between the two as well, so you can choose when you don’t want to use both together. Both of the shower heads have clean rub jets, which help in cleaning up quickly and preventing any lime build up.

The overall maintenance required for the two shower heads is very less because of the presence of such a feature. 

The angle also can be adjusted quite easily with the help of the bracket placed on top, so you can point where you need the stream of water. The operation is entirely hands-free, so that is another benefit that you will have.





You can use this Flexible Shower Head as you like. It is possible to install it on the wall or use it with a hose that comes with the package itself. There are settings and flow patterns to facilitate your use type and are highly adjustable, as well.

  • 24 water flow patterns

  • 5 full settings

  • 3-way combo

  • 10-year limited warranty

  • 5ft hose

The aqua dance shower head is full of options that you can explore. Its multifunctionality I supported by 24 settings for water flow and 5 modular settings like power rain, massage, etc. These options can be easily set and chosen to get a better shower experience.

There is a patented 3 way driver also a part of the design, which lets you adjust the water temperature according to your requirements. You will enjoy using this shower head as a standard showerhead or as a handheld Shower or even both if you set the perfect combination of all these settings.

Some might find it as a bit too complicated, but once you get the hang of it, it is quite easy to manage the functioning. The installation of this Best Handheld Shower Head is also entirely hassled free since no tools are required so you can get it done on your own without additional help.

Even the nuts that are part of the shower head are made of brass so you can quickly tighten them by hand itself. All these features make the double Shower Head very lightweight as well, so you don’t feel the weight while using it has a handheld Shower.





This Low Flow Shower Head has been designed specifically for homes that experience low water pressure. Its booster technology and turbocharging double up the existing pressure and lets you experience the high-pressure Shower that you wish to get.

  • Silicone rubber jet nozzles

  • ABS plastic design

  • Stainless steel hose

  • 6.5 feet hose

  • Water flow regulator

The design of this Low Flow Shower Head is based on three things, which are applicability, simplicity, and reliability. It enhances the application of a simple shower head like itself by increasing the water pressure, which usually requires an additional mechanism.

You will be impressed with its powerful and simple design that has no extra controls to confuse you. Your Shower will surely be memorable once you are behind the low-pressure enhancing design, and you will get your money back if the system fails at any point.

You can relax and enjoy the excellent water pressure as the water pours down on you smoothly and relieves your muscles of all tension. No need for excessive cleaning or maintenance; also, the silicone nozzles take care of that very well.

There will hardly be any build up of minerals in you start using this shower head regularly. The brand takes the guarantee of the components that the nozzles so you won’t have to clean as frequently or vigorously as you would have with any other shower head.

The body of this best Shower Head for low water pressure is also made of very durable material called ABS plastic, which has high strength and great heat resistance as well. The hose that comes with it is also made of stainless steel while the fittings are of brass, so no chance of cracking.





You can install this Low Flow Shower Head with any standard shower head arm without and pre-requisites and entirely on your own. It has functions and settings which are very flexible and can be adjusted along with the hand held shower head itself.

  • Lifetime warranty

  • 5 function design

  • Self cleaning nozzles

  • ABS plastic construction

  • Chrome plated surface

Installing this Best High Pressure Shower Head is more natural than breathing as it comes with an adjustable shower head and a hose, which can become a part of your bathroom fittings within minutes. If you have any old hand shower arm already installed, that can be used too since it is a pretty standard size shower head.

The design overall is very multifunctional, featuring five different functions that change the flow of water according to your requirements. The adjustable swivel bracket is also a part of the flexible design, which again enhances the experience by giving you flexibility.

All the flexible features are possible in this shower head because of the excellent ABS plastic material that has been used in the construction. The shower head becomes durable because of this, and the chrome-plated finish gives it a luxurious feel, hence making it fit with the rest of the fittings as well — most users who have this shower head use it for bathing babies because of its safe design.

The water that comes out of it is non-toxic and lead-free, so even your entire family can use it and know that it is safe to. The TPE nozzles also help enhance safety by making sure there are no deposits caused by hard water, which could harm your skin.





A relaxing shower helps at the end of the day ad when you have a Flexible Shower Head like this, and it becomes even better to experience. You have many settings to explore and customize while using the power pulse massage shower head.

  • Anti-clog nozzles

  • Optiflow technology

  • 5 ft shower hose

  • 7 spray settings

  • Detachable shower head

This waterpik Flexible Shower Head is one of the Best massage shower head that throws out high-pressure water and has a new setting called the pulse power shower massage. This new technology is beneficial and delivers two times the force of any other shower present in the market.

Using this setting, you can turn it into the perfect relaxation equipment and take the best Shower of your life. Another revolutionary feature that this is shower head has is the optical flow technology, which is excellent for a powerful shower head performance.

The flow rate of 2.5 GPM facilitates the purpose for which the shower head has been designed. You can either use it as a standard shower head or as a hand held Shower, and there is a hose of five feet that comes with the package and is detachable as well. It depends on you how you wish to use it.

The installation also doesn’t need too much effort from your side since it is a DIY installation. The instructions are very easy to follow because of that and within a few minutes. Water pik shower heads are usually of the same fashion and are designed to be high on performance but are not usually easy on the pocket. You should be ready to invest a bit if you wish to buy a shower head like this.





If you have a luxurious bathroom and want a shower head that matches the rest of the design, then this Rain Shower Head is perfect. It has a very elegant bronze look, which clearly defines luxury, and it’s a rain shower, so the use is quite elaborate as well.

  • Engineered high pressure nozzles

  • Sand filter disk

  • Flow restrictor

  • Oil rubbed bronze finish

  • Rain shower design

It is all about the experience with this Rain Shower Head. You get everything luxurious in this one package. From an elegant finish to a very elaborate design, you will feel the elegance of the shower head while using it. It will be like stepping into your luxury spa every morning.

It has been crafted with 90 precision engineered high-pressure jets that form the rain shower and shower you with high-pressure water every time you turn the knob. The adjustable ball joint lets you adjust the angle of the shower head so you can direct the flow of water towards yourself.

You can restrict the flow of water using the restrictor, and you can remove it when you want a more high pressure flow of water. There are a filter disk and mesh sand filter inside the same shower head, which is responsible for keeping the chemicals and dirt out.

What most shower heads don’t have, and this one does is that it is finished in oil rubbed bronze, which is quite rare to find. The look itself speaks of its design very well but is very durable and is everything that you would want out of a premium looking shower.





There is no better place to relax at the end of the day than your Shower. When the hot water pours down on us, the experience of relief that washes over just can’t be explained. This is why you need to have the best shower head you can get. Not having good water pressure would decay the entire experience, whereas a high pressure shower head would enhance it. You can get so many types of shower heads today and have a different experience with each of them. The number of options that you have is endless, but what suits you will depend on how you prefer to use the Shower. Technology has advanced in this segment as well, and you can even get shower heads with music systems installed in them.

Moen is one of the best brands to buy shower heads from, as its entire product line is well developed. The variety is wide, but the price is quite high for most products, so the clientele is usually limited. If you are looking for luxurious one then you can pick Moen Shower Head

Kohler is another high-end brand with excellent rain shower heads, especially. Most of its products are experience based but are fairly affordable as well. What you get is a good and durable product, and it is a brand that has been there for a while so you can trust Kohler Shower Head

Delta is a brand that is known to have a wide variety of affordable shower heads. You can find everything and anything from bronze finish to a chrome finish. Some of the Delta rain showers are a costly and limited edition, but those are not the only ones that you will find under the premium collection. There is much more to explore, as well.

The size of the shower head is usually mentioned in inches and is one of the most crucial aspects of the design. Most rain showers have a bigger head and hand held showers have a smaller size. The size will differ with each type, and you can decide according to what you need. A minimum of four inches is a good option.

The flow rate of a shower head is how much water it allows through its nozzles at a certain point. Usually, shower heads have a flow rate of 2.5 GPM, which is enough, and anything less is not as useful.

Easy to install shower heads are a good option since you can do the job yourself. Some have the DIY option as well mentioned, which are even easier to install. See that the installation should not be too difficult.

Installation of shower heads can be different; it can be either wall mounted or ceiling mounted and that will also depend on your shower arm if it’s already existing. Usually new shower heads now available are wall mounted. 

Most shower heads have spray settings that can change the flow of water but some have a defined spray pattern. It is best that you don’t go for a defined spray pattern because it will turn up to be very restrictive after a point.

Various types of shower heads can be seen in the market, and all of them differ mostly based on how you use them. Some are fixed while some are hand held, and some accommodate both aspects. How you prefer to use the shower head is what will decide this for you.

Most shower heads are finished in chrome, but you can find a few in bronze as well. These are the two best finishes to have since they make your shower head very durable and long lasting. Nickel finish is also available but very limited.

The water that is available through the source is usually not good for your skin or hair, which is why filters in shower heads are critical to have. If not present already inside the shower head, it is suggested to add an external filter.

These are the most basic type of shower heads that don’t have additional features and can be just turned off and on. You can’t experiment much with them, but some people prefer them because of the lack of complications.

These type of shower heads have various settings for spray patterns and have different functions as well. You can customize them according to your need and is best suited for homes with people that like different pressure of water.

These shower heads are usually big and are very elaborate. You will see that most of them are experience-oriented and pour down water on your body softly so that it feels like its raining. Most luxurious bathrooms have such showers.

These shower heads are designed to conserve water. Showering wastes a lot of water, and if you are conscious of that, then you can go for a shower head of this sort. They don’t usually carry as much water as they shower.

High pressure shower heads maximize the flow of water through the nozzles and are best suited if you experience low water pressure during Shower. The spray that you experience in a high-pressure shower head is much more powerful than any other shower head.

Hand held shower heads are the ones that have a hose attached to them so that you can move it around while showering. Usually, a five feet hose is there, and longer ones are also available. They have a holder where you can put them back when not in use.

Dual shower heads are a combination of a fixed shower head, and a hand held shower head. There are two shower heads installed together where one of them is attached to an arm mounted on the wall while the other one is attached to a hose.

This type of shower head has a Bluetooth system installed inside, which wirelessly connects to whichever device you wish to connect to. All the components of Bluetooth Shower Head are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about that, and you can enjoy a good musical shower.

Fixed shower heads are the ones we have been using since forever. They are either wall mounted or ceiling mounted and have an arm that connects them to the plumbing line. You can find various types under this category as well, like rain showers, etc.

Showering wastes a lot of excess water, so having a water saving shower head helps in saving that excess water that gets wasted. These shower heads project more water than they take up from the source. They are also a good option for areas that receive low pressure of water.


How High should a Shower Head be?

The Shower Head must be 80 inches, that is, 6 feet 8 inches high from the floor. This will probably be suitable for both with average height and those who are taller.

Water comes out of Shower Head when it's not on?

 No, water does not come out of the Shower Head, when it’s closed.

How to remove water saver from Shower Head?

 Follow the steps below to remove water saver from Shower Head-

    1. Just remove the shower screen from the Shower Head. 
    2. Using a paper clip, remove the flow restrictor. 
    3. Then, replace the gasket and insert the shower screen back into the Shower Head. 
How to increase Shower Head pressure?

To increase Shower Head pressure, refer the following instructions-

    1. Clean the Shower Head, and check for any leakage. 
    2. Flush the water heater and also for kinks. 
    3. Check for a water restrictor and remove it in case you have low pressure water flow.
How to clean Shower Head without removing it?

To clean a Shower Head, all you need to do is- 

    1. First, tie a bag containing vinegar around the mouth of the Shower Head. 
    2. The head should completely soak into the vinegar. 
    3. Leave it for 3 hours, and remove it and on the water to clean leftover vinegar in the head. 
How to change a Shower Head?

Follow the steps below to change a Shower Head-

  1. Remove the old Shower Head just by hand by turning them into a counterclockwise direction. 
  2. Screw the new Shower Head into the shower arm in clockwise direction. 
  3. Finally, check the flow of water leaks and then wrap with Teflon tape.
How to install a Shower Head?

 Installing a Shower Head is very easy and for further assistance follow the steps below-

    1. Turn off the main and remove  the old Shower Head  by turning them into a counterclockwise direction. 
    2. Screw the new Shower Head  in clockwise direction into the shower arm. 
    3. Finally,  wrap with Teflon tape and also check any more leaks.
How to increase Shower Head flow rate?

 Increase the flow rate of your Shower Head by following the below instructions-

    1. Clean the Shower Head regularly for increasing the flow rate. 
    2. Check for any type of leakages and fix it. 
    3. Check for any kinks and also flush the heater regularly. 
    4. Remove the flow restrictor from the shower neck to increase flow rate. 
How to unclog Shower Head?

Follow the steps below to know how to unclog a Shower Head-

    1. First, take vinegar in a bag and tie it around the mouth of a Shower Head. 
    2. Tie it so that the head is completely immersed in the vinegar. 
    3. Leave the setup for 3 hours and then wash the Shower Head with water. 
How to fix a leaky Shower Head?

Leaky Shower Heads could be very annoying and to fix that follow the steps below-

    1. Turn off the main and unscrew the Shower Head. 
    2. Clean the Shower Head and tape it, and screw it back to the shower mouth of the holder. 
    3. Check for any leakage after and again accordingly. 

All the problems that you earlier experienced due to a lousy shower head will be gone if you install a new high-pressure shower head. Most high pressure shower heads that are available today are designed to be water saving as well, so it is not just a favor you are doing to yourself but to the environment as well. Otherwise, also, you have a lot of options to explore and a lot of types to consider as well. You could either have a luxurious bathroom or a minimalistic looking bathroom that matches the design of your shower head.

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